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January WINTER 2023 Siggie


I said last month how I don't like changing my Siggie because it originally was a good luck charm at a hard time. So, I change some of the pieces to go with the season or game. I took out the Christmas ones and added winter and thanks Carla for reminding me I had the cute gnome! @CRS
For this Siggie I used:
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
CAP Winter Magic Collection CED
Tra La La Collection


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I love how you change up your siggy without completely changing it! I think that gnome is adorable!!

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Your siggie is always fun to see; I like how you change it only a little but always with "personality."  The gnome is adorable!

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Super cute - I agree with the others. The concept of the base siggie and changing it up seasonally is brilliant.  I like how you have various holiday themed icons sitting on top of your name. The Gnome on the highest peak looks like he's ready to ski all the way down!

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I love your siggie. I like the way you keep it true to you but change it just a little eace time.

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