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Weekend Challenge 1/14/23: Hard Time - Jody One World


I normally made a Jody layout on her birthday or Anniversary but hadn't planned to this year. But I'd just come across these photos that helped me through a very hard time and this challenge almost made the layout itself.  I can't believe it will be six years tomorrow Jody is gone.
Journaling reads:
"My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers and progressed into difficult and sometimes hurtful behavior which was so very hard to deal with emotionally from a mother I’d been so close to. In 2012 she broke her hip and was hospitalized and then brought to rehab where I stayed nights so she wouldn’t be alone. It was isolating and overwhelming and I spent most of it awake in a chair by her bed. By then Jody and I had become close friends and when it was our night it was her Australian morning so she’d message me throughout. It was a sweet connection during a dark and exhausting time. My Mom’s homecoming was complicated even more when hurricane Sandy hit and we were without power, adding the worry of keeping her warm and fed and most anything felt a “disaster”. One night Jody sent me a Google Earth photo of the hurricane and then would send another every day or so - sometimes of Adelaide and sometimes of West Orange. Those photos were so comforting, almost a concrete show of her support and how close we were even half a world apart. They meant so much that I saved them all. Jody’s anniversary is January 14 or 15, depending if you are in Australia or USA and seeing those photos now reminds me of her strength and caring and all that we shared."
For this layout I used:
BMU SS Styles: Painting Textures
EBA SS Styles: ATC Glitter
ASO SS Styles Fancy Rust
ASO Golden Icicle
AHA JBS In the Stars Pisces
AASPN ArtsyTemplate 86

Photo Information for Weekend Challenge 1/14/23: Hard Time - Jody One World


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WOW page and your journaling is heart breaking. So much sorrow in this page but so much healing also. Jody was so wonderful and I miss her wonderful talent. This page is amazing Marilyn.

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I agree with Boatlady above about your journaling and amazing layout. You were a good and loving daughter living through hard sad times with your dying mother. By the way, Jody said you were as important to her as she was to you through all that and she greatly appreciated your friendship.

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Thank you so much for sharing the heart felt journaling which  you have written so well. A very moving page you have created. 

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Yes - I agree with everyone above. This is very striking and it drew me right into the gallery. The journaling is so moving - I always love hearing your thoughts and memories and layouts about Jody.  

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This is a powerful layout, Marilyn - both in spirit and appearance. Your journaling is poignant and heartfelt and so very personal. I didn't know Jody, but she must have been a wonderful person and is so well remembered here at ScrapGirls. She helped you through a trying time and those are the best of friends. Thanks for being part of the challenge. Isn't it a comfort to know that friends will be there for us?

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Amazing page, love the deep colors, your blending & your collection of satellite images.Your heartfelt journaling explains your story in vivid detail.

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Reading with tears in my eyes - Jody was like a force of nature! Her creativity, compassion and willingness to help a newbie like I was back then, was so appreciated. Her artistic layouts were genuine works of art. Love this striking layout - full of memories and meaning.

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