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Great Artsy page - love the grungy elements, especially like the frownie faces. Sad when words and idea hurt feelings to the point where family is divided - hugs ...

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You have shared your pain and frustration so well on this page. I hope the situation resolves sometime in the near future. 

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Oh, Amy you have journaled your feelings so graphically both with words and with art.  Your writing is so heartfelt and I can tell how much this  situation hurts you.  Your use of color, shape and texture is amazing and so beautiful and the dotted lines all add tension and more emotion to your page.  You used the perfect word art and embellishments to portray your heartbreak, with the heart button in the middle of it all showing your difficult position.  I know it is so painful when family breaks occur where you thought they never could, I'm hoping that time will help yours...    Thank you for sharing with us.

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Thanks for participating in the challenge - I am sure it was difficult to get started but hopefully by the time you were done it worked out some pain for you. I hope that your loved ones can work their ways past their divide. You have graphically represented this conflict so well with the fire red heart and the fence and the lines representing fractures. Beautiful work on a sad topic. My best wishes to your family.

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This is such a heartfelt page; so upsetting for you. Unfortunately, I have heard this story from several families we know. Praying for healing for all.


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