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PL no 2 Jan 23 web.jpg



1 Bianca & Lukas

2 One of Nikki's photos. She is working with a professional photographer that will be paying her for the work she does. When she is good enough, he will include her name with his on the work.

3 The first teff that Jan harvested on his farm.

4 Bad hair day. I's just come from the hairdresser, where I also bought a lovely travel mug. When I got home, I filled it with Sprite. By the time I wanted to eat, the gas had built up in the mug. I opened the lid and just got a stream of Sprite, shooting into the air. All over my face, hair and top. It was like a fountain spraying all over me. I was not charmed. Gave the mug away immediately.

5 Breakfast with two of my girls. Lizelle and Nikki.


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ABR_BYOL_Months-January; bhs_perfectday_alphas; ABR_BYOL_Months-Jan;  ABR_2016Everyday_2023; ; cap_2022Jan_arrow ;cw_DaredToDream_pp9; MPE_JournalArtsy_Paper_Orange; AFT_Belle_Paper_Solids-2; cap_sunshinedays_sun;


BMU_DinnerParty_Special;  GWH_SGAnniv_Emb_Cluster-NoShad

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Eeek! Carbonation in a travel mug - I'll take a lesson from that. I like the way you use shadows, makes a nice 3-D effect. 

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Love your page. The arrows are really nice setting off the text. Loved your journaling. I will be sure and not put Sprite in my travel mug!

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Beautiful photo. Good luck Nikki! Your hear is beautiful. I had a similar incident with my water bottle on the airplane. . . .I opened the spout and water shot up in the air and showered down on me like rain!  I now know how to decompress the bottle before opening it, lol.  

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