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BMU_Asian, TMD_Everyday and GrownWithLove, MPE_Memoirs-template-altered. We had an easy week. Journaling reads-The week started out lazy but in my effort to get more active I got Jay to go on a geocache at John Anderson Park on Lake Tarpon. Then I prepped food for the meal we are cooking at the club monday night. Monday night gets here but electric was out at the club after I made food for 25 people. Our house is a mess wating for tile so we all met at Carol/Robs and had a fun time. I went to Quest for blood work--ugh I want my coffee. When the carpet was removed in the spare room there were stains on the floor but then we discovered wet spots. Trying to find the clean-out Jay broke the pipe so we had clean-out installed and then had it scoped but they found no problem. We put water sealer on floor and they will start tile next week. My first Monarch emerged, then the second but it had deformed wing, the third emerged in the afternoon so I had Barb release it when she got home from work...she was so happy and is ordering a habitat so I will give her the two babies I found on my plant. We have been clearing out the front garden so now we need to shop for plants. I’m working on a coil woven basket for Nancy for Christmas I made another coiled hot plate so 8 more for Christmas presents. One of my friends from up North posted a photo of her stuff packed for a scrapbook weekend retreat....2 huge rolling bags, 2 large bags and her box of pens. I sent her a photo of digital supplies!! After a day of yard work I decided to order chinese delivery...yum and so easy. The monthly social at the club was fun, good food with lots of fun games and conversations almost 30 people. THE END

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Your week started out quiet, but it sure got busier!    Your photos are awesome and I enjoyed your journaling.   Wow, your baskets are so beautiful and so are the monarchs, that's very cool!    I like your setup, your page is lovely,

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I LOVE that you documented about your  scrapbook files. I feel ya! I do the same when I walk in to crops with my paper scrapbooking friends. They are like "do you need help?", and I don't because it's only 1 trip.  I like the layout design. 

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