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#26 HIKING - Lunch.jpg


Supplies used:
Pretty Ju Scrap: Let’s go Hiking Kit - https://store.scrapgirls.com/Hiking-Collection.html 
(copied one of the quick pages on the SG site)
Font: Beach Bold
Photos: A friend of mine sent some photos of a surprise visitor looking for lunch while she and her husband were hiking in the forest around Lardeau, British Colombia. It is an unincorporated community, and former mining town and steamboat landing. The settlement is on the west shore near the head of Kootenay Lake in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. Thanks Pam!

I have been having trouble using multiple layers when trying to improve my layouts. I am constantly amazed at the layer work, blending etc. that I see in everyone's layouts. It was suggested to me to find a layout or a quick page that I felt comfortable with and take it apart layer by layer. Once I figured that out, I was told to re-create the same layout I took apart. I have to admit it was a challenge but it did teach me more than I had know before. Thank you so much to Pretty Ju Scrap for an awesome QP to copy.


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I love, love this layout. You have added a wide variety of papers and yet the images really stand out. The lunch title is really funny!

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Good morning, thank you for your kind words but I cannot take credit for the design. I have now learned the correct term is deconstruct a layout to understand how it was put together. All the praise belongs to Pretty Ju Scrap.

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Wow awesome pics she captured... I guess if filled up with salmon so wasn't hungry for humans. Super collection and the mountains are perfect for the page.

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Your friend got some amazing photos! Wow! I hope a telephoto lens was involved! I love the outdoorsy elements you used. It's a fabulous page! PS - Thanks for the info on Lardeau. It sounds like an interesting place. Off the beaten path, for sure. 

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