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Aimee Harris Find Peace kit

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I love the doodles. And oh that is the hardest discovery to make. I remember when my mom said yes I could taste it too and oh the disappointment. Great photo.

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I love, love, love this! It brought back a wonderful memory I had with my grandma when I was a little girl. I insisted that she had cocoa in her cabinet to make me chocolate milk and she insisted it was NOT. After arguing with me for awhile, she made me the chocolate milk. Yuk! Grandma was right! Your font and the journal card with the arrow is so fun. I like how you created a little scene to go with the story, where the hand drawn girl looks so angelic!

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Ha ha!  I remember trying this once too when I was young.  LOL. Cute layout, love the girl and flower doodles.

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Poor thing, it's a rough life when you learn that not all chocolate is good! lol.  I like that you scrapped that.  I love the green with the purple. It really stands out. 

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