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GWH_FallFramhouse (papers) Retired
Happy Go Lucky Collection
She Drew New Lines Collection Biggie (all things green)
Words to Live By: Kindness: Collection (Pennant)
Here and Now Collection (graffitti)
Font - Garamond Apple Light

Photo from Belle Flanagan

The little itty bitty flag that Belle is "holding" says "HERE I AM".  You probably can't even see that it's there unless you zoom waaaaay in! When Belle first showed me this picture I didn't see her in it at all. 


Photo Information for 092223_WorldTour_Scotland


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I love this! Brave Belle, indeed. I did spot her right away but I'm glad you added the arrow so I didn't miss the flag. :) That's a great photo and I like how the plaid looks bordering it. Sweet clusters and a very appropriate quote!

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Wow, this is really cool and certainly puts the size of that case.e in perspective, I did not see Belle until I read your notes above!   She really is so very brave and I'm glad she has the photo to prove it.    Your quote is perfect for this page and I really like your layered background, it looks awesome with your pic.   Your arrow really draws us in.

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WOW!! So glad you had an arrow. I would have missed Belle. What a cool photo though!!! Love the plaid paper. Fits perfectly with the castle. 

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