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WT No 7 Norway web.jpg


Sunday, September 24th Colour

Monday, 25 September. Star-I used a starfish for the star and a photo of a starfish.

Tuesday, September 26th lighting effect I used a watercolour lighting effect on my one photo.

I went to see the fishies in the big fish place. It was really fun. I like the penguins the best. The starfish are so funny.

MPE_SSDLAT_SIM8_Ser3_Spec; KPertiet_FishermanBlendables-2; EBA_MermaidMystique_Emb_Jellyfish; JZI_UponAWatercolorSea_fish2; SDE_TheColdSea_Fish; BMU_Coastal_Starfish-Green; ASD_Dreamer_SP7; tmd_cozyathome_paper13; aimeeh_wildflower_pattern1; cw_BeDadsHelper_sp4; cw_BeDadsHelper_sp5;

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Your photos are great and Lukas looks like a big boy standing and looking at the fish!   I like how you journaled in his words, that's adorable and will be such a nice memory page for him.   I like your background and embellishments and how you bordered your photos.

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Lukas is getting so big! I love your photos and especially "Lukas's" journaling. :)  I also especially like the interesting background you gave the page and the little fish you added. 

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