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Tuesday Challenge 11/7/23: Historical - Bob Hope Tribute


This looks like such an easy page but I had so much trouble with it, even PSE kept doing weird things while creating!  
My cousin and I stumbled upon this lovely tribute to Bob Hope while walking on Harbor Drive in San Diego last summer.
Journaling reads:
"The legacy of Bob Hope is remarkable.  For 48 years, he spent Christmas overseas with American troops. His USO service started in 1941 (during WWII) and ended in 1991 (during the Gulf War).  In 1996, the United States declared him the first and only honorary veteran of the U.S. armed forces.  Like some morale-igniting secret weapon, Bob Hope was deployed for maximum laugh efficacy and much loved by men and women in uniform.
"A National Salute to Bob Hope and the Military” tribute is an elevated platform with 16 life-sized bronze statues arranged as if attending a typical Bob Hope show near the front.  The focal point is a bronze of Bob Hope himself by renowned sculptor Eugene Daub.  Each of the other figures represent a serviceman from a different conflict in uniforms authentic to the period they served.  Women are represented, as are wounded vets, with a racial diversity that underscores Hope's broad appeal. One figure holds up a sign with stenciled, punch-through lettering: "Thanks for the Memories BOB."  The scene is completely open, allowing visitors to wander between them while Mr Hope’s one-liners are played over a loud speaker."

For this layout I used:
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
JWH Army Collection
and my own photos

Photo Information for Tuesday Challenge 11/7/23: Historical - Bob Hope Tribute


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You might have had trouble, but the composition is really well done. The extraction with the sign in the lower right corner, the broad image of all the sculptures, the text filling the left, and then the panorama of the ship and skyline is so nicely balanced. You fit a lot on a single page. I learned a lot, too. I did not know Bob Hope traveled to worldwide bases for so many years. Hearing the one liners while wandering the exhibit must be a special experience. Thanks for sharing and joining the challenge. 

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Doesn't it always seem that making a page basically a big photo should be easy? Yet, I always find it about the hardest kind of layout. You did a great job here.I love the text taking up space in the front of the picture, and the extracted statue in the corner. The balance of it all is just right.

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I missed this when we were in San Diego last summer so I hope to find it next time we're there. Great photo! I love your composition, especially since the sidewalk is a solid enough color to be a perfect backdrop for your journaling. That corner close-up adds the perfect touch.

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This is really cool. You've done a great job filling the space and using the large photo. This really stands out in the gallery. I like the subtle titleing in the corner. Very well done. 

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