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Tea Party

Terri M

My sister found this photo earlier in the year, but I couldn't figure the best way to use it.  So I finally sat down today and looked at some options, and thought this "Petals" collection is just right. Note my little sister's curls -- I've been jealous of them my whole life!

Petals (Brandy Murry)
Family Ties (Ginney Whitcomb)

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What a sweet little snapshot. I like the way you faded the same shot into the background. I haven't used that technique in a while, so thanks for the reminder! Great collection for this! I like all the blending and the colors.

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How cute you all are!!!! What a perfect kit to showcase such a precious  photo.  I love love love this!!! Using the photo as the blended background is awesome.

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How cute a little tea party and you invited your brother too. Great background with the photo blended in

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This is such a sweet photo and those curls really are pretty!   I agreee that Petals is the perfect collection for this and I like how you blended your pic into the diagonal corner - so creative and looks great.   Your layout made me smile because I have a photo of my sister and I at about those ages having a tea party.   

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What a sweet photo. I agree- those curls are special. I like the way you duplicated the photo and blended it into the background,. That pretty paper is a lovely background. Thanks for participating in the challenge.

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