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Project Life 2024 - Jan 28 to Feb 3


credits:  Flower Daisy Yellow by Adrienne Skelton

Fonts - Elephant, Corbel, Courier New, Eras Light and Ink Free ( journaling)


The photo for Sunday is the stairs we can see
from our front door and they lead to a back door
to the Nursing Home which is next door to our
Retirement Village. When I worked at the
Museum on Monday 29th, I took a photo of
the Village Street. The building are all set up
like a small village. For my glass of water 
photo on Tuesday, I took my water and pills
I take each day. On Wednesday afternoon I
worked at the Craft Store so my “on paper” 
photo was the day before’s sales in our Daily
takings book. We place the tags and stickers
from the items sold along with a written
list showing the artist’s code, the item and
price. I worked with Judi and we had a really\
nice afternoon together.
Now, the list of photos for February are 
letters from the alphabet but not in order.
Thursday photo is Ken’s lunch preparation and
his lunch box.  He was off to his workshop for
the day. I had a good home day. Friday night
I always  cook some form of fish for dinner so
,my photo was the Olive Oil Spray I used on
the tray I cook the frozen fish  on.  As I 
worked with Joy in the Craft Store on 
Saturday afternoon I took a photo of the
2 sections of J name badges. 

Photo Information for Project Life 2024 - Jan 28 to Feb 3


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I really enjoy seeing your daily life photos and reading your journaling, they're great.  The colors you used are lovey and show off your page so well.  I really like this format you are using, it looks really good.  I smiled at reading of "Judi" t the craft store, that's how my sister spells her name!

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This is so fun. I love the crips clean layout you chose. I also love the different theme you have each month. Such a fun layout and fun to see what you choose to photograph.

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This project looks like so much fun. Such creative prompts for pictures. I like the consistency that you are showing the photo layout with the prompt and the day used each time.

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I always try to see what the letters stand for before I read the journaling. I pretty much can work them out okay. The other layout that you did with the vice, had me scratching my head a bit. Lovely all the photos and journaling.

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