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text: Great Blue Herons get their name from their blue-grey plumage and large size. A fully  grown adult will stand about four feet tall and have a wing span of six feet. The top of the head and the throat are white and the beak is yellow. Tle legs are greenish in color. They fly with their necks folded into an ess shape and stretch their legs out behind them. Breeding adults have long, dark plumes on the head, neck and back. Herons are one of the most widespread wading birds in the Western Hemisphere. In many coastal areas of the U.S. and Canada they are year-round residents.

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As always, you got super photos! I love your blended background and touches of natural elements, all soft and subtle, keeping our focus on those wonderful birds. 

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Blue Heron are stunning birds...I love the many feathers that they have. Awesome page to show them off.


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