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  1. I miss you, my friend. I know that you are smiling down from heaven on us all.

  2. Happy Birthday Shelbi, have a great day.

  3. Just thinking about you and wondering how you are!

  4. what's new? ;)

  5. Hi michelle, Just tried to send you a message but you box must be fill. If I don't have to be on the message board at a certain time I could do the bingo calling for you if y ou want. Just tell me where to find the game and what to do. i have work till 1.30pm amd a dentist appointment at 2.30pm but I can do stuff after that.

  6. bingo words posted and fixed ;)

  7. Shelbi

    Big Hug

    Love it Love it LOVE IT
  8. Wow!!! Such a beautiful card!
  9. Shelbi

    Wedding Card

    Another beautiful card!!
  10. Shelbi


    I share your addiction with hostas I love your layout too.
  11. Shelbi

    Bub's Card

    Great card. Cute dogs. ((hugs))
  12. Oh this is so cool!! Great job.
  13. These are so cute!!! Thanks for showing them actually done. Some of us need to "see" things to understand them.
  14. what a special touch for the tea!!! They turned out lovely
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