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  1. If there is a fifty-fifty chance you can bet it happens to me. Only two pages and they are out of order. That's what I get for waiting so long to post layouts. I forget how to do it. LOL
  2. Because of You, Angie Briggs Table Manners, Brandy Murry
  3. During a trip to Ireland this spring we made a stop for lunch and poetry. It was pretty special. Because of You, Angie Briggs Table Manners, Brandy Murry
  4. JudyD

    Brian and Karen

    My son and daughter-in-law have a beautiful cabin in June Lake, and I took these pictures of them on one of our walks in the snow. It was a magical day. I used Winter's Kiss by Brandy Murry. TFL
  5. I couldn't believe it when I saw your layout. I live in Cherry Valley and am actually embarrassed to admit that I have never gone to the festival. I think it is wonderful that your beautiful layout reflects a part of my tiny town that has probably gone unnoticed by a lot of people. I will be sure and go next time. Thank you.
  6. JudyD

    Graduation Party Announcement

    Here is the party invitatiion I put together with the help of Kim Meeder's graduation card templates.
  7. JudyD


    My granddaughter Kanoa didn't bother to order her official graduation announcements (aargh!) so she convinced me to take her (and my point and shoot camera and three changes of her clothes) to Balboa Park in San Diego for a photo shoot. Two hours later we had over 150 shots. She was thrilled with how they came out and I was relieved. I was delighted when I found Kim Meeder's scrap simple graduation cards template. This way I was able to do not only her announcement, but her party invitatiion as well. Thank you Kim.
  8. JudyD

    My Sister Joan

    My beautiful sister passed away one year ago on Valentine's Day. I think she planned it so that we would always remember the date. I miss her every day and knew I had to do a layout for her, but was at a loss until I saw Brandy Murry's wonderful 19 Hearts collection. I used her template and elements and I know my sister would be pleased with the way it turned out.
  9. I have a ton of beautiful pictures from our trip to Maine last year (yes, lots of lighthouses). You have inspired me. I just might have to scraplift a little bit.
  10. Isn't it wonderful when a two page spread comes together so beautifully? I wish you had also posted each page separately so we could get up close and personal. Great use of color and placement.
  11. What an ingenious way to use this collecton. All of those little bits come together in a big way. So creative. Hey, at least her Mom didn't make her wear the ears!
  12. JudyD


    I notice that a lot of the international designers and CT people do a lot of extractions and fantasy type layouts. They have nothing on you. Great job.
  13. Sometimes a kit just clicks with certain photos, and this is one of those times. When I first looked, I thought "Oh, she's been to Julian." There's a barn there that looks a lot like this one. I think this month's Club selection is one of the best yet. Of course how can you go wrong with Brandy?!?
  14. Well, obviously I love this page because we both chose the same template for our layouts. Aren't templates grand? I like the colors and the soft elements you chose to go with your pictures. A very nice way to preserve a Mother's Day memory.
  15. Well, what started out as a simple layout to showcase my Iris pictures took on a life of it's own. Template: Inspiration 021812 Overlay: Collage Set 1, Marcee Duggar Bird Brush: Botanique, Jodie Lee Tape: Experience Life, Angie Young Paper: Together at Last, Sherwood Title Font: Alfredo Heavy Hollow which I filled. I used Brandy Murray's Painting Texture on the title and the swirl. See what I mean?
  16. JudyD

    Chilean Fjords 2

    I got so carried away I did a two page layout. Everything is from Candid by Katie Pertiet.
  17. JudyD

    Chilean Fjords 1

    It's been a long dry spell, but as I was editing these pictures from our South America trip I was suddenly inspired. TFL Photo Mask: Christmas Wishes, Indigo Paper: Mermaid Chronicles, Royanna South America shape: WMSquared Fonts: brushtipTravis&New Boston
  18. In July we went to New England. We visited Acadia National Park in Maine where our son decided to climb this trail. Needless to say, my husband and I waited at the bottom. Kit: Back to Nature, M. DeLeon Template: Crisdam Designs
  19. We went camping and fishing a few weeks ago and the bears were very visible this year. We saw two at the lakes and we had a mother and two cubs come through camp at night. The morning we left she had pushed over a huge dumpster right into the side of a truck (another layout coming I'm sure). All we had was an ice chest with a few teeth marks in it. Guess she didn't like vegetables. Everything is from Campfire 2 Collection by Trish Yochum
  20. JudyD

    A Surprise Birthday Party

    Just wanted to do a quick, fun type of layout (nothing fancy) to commemorate my sister's recent 70th birthday. We all crowded into the backroom at the Macaroni Grill and about gave her a heart attack when we all screamed "SURPRISE". She didn't have a clue. She is my only sibling, my traveling companion, and my best friend. Everything is from Eat Cake by Karen Lewis. TFL
  21. JudyD

    All About Me

    Oh boy Angie, can I relate. We returned from a one month trip to So. America last summer and I couldn't beleive how much I had gained on that trip. Total wakeup call. I decided to join Weight Watchers and it has almost been one year but I have lost 45 lbs. It is a complete (and forever) change of life. However, I only manage a one mile walk a day. Can't even fathom 5 miles. Maybe this is why it has been slower. In any event, when I recently got a little discouraged, my husband handed me a 42 lb. container of kitty litter and said, "Here, this is how much weight you were carrying around
  22. Well, this one just got copied and put into my Jubilant collection folder for future inspiration. It's wonderful when people can think "outside of the box" which is what you just proved.
  23. JudyD

    June Swap_Belle

    Wonderful. You can scrap my pictures any time LOL. I especially like the blended background photo.
  24. Sometimes when I first get the Scrap Simple (emphasis on Simple) materials I am at a loss as what to do with some of the stuff. I mean, fabric swatches! It is so great to see how someone who is creative and imaginative can show us what can be done. Ah, inspiration. I think your layouts are just magic, and I know your mother would be so proud.
  25. Hey guys, I am finally out of the vacation section, although I haven't made it to the graduation department quite yet. This was actually Nikki's graduation from her individual college. The big event, complete with cap and gown (bright red yet), was the next day. Because everything is from the Scrap Girls Club Jubilant kit, I thought it was appropriate to put it here. Oops, sorry Brandy M., I did use your page blender 1 which I think made all the difference in the world. Thanks. ARGH - I realized that I needed to tweak the leaves in the cluster and when I went back for my psd f
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