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  1. Such a thoughtful gift from the garden! Lovely layout.
  2. This is gorgeous Kelly! I like the blending and the subtle embellishments.
  3. I had a lot of ideas also. Although, I couldn't find pictures for most of them...
  4. I don't have a traditional garden, although I would love one. I enjoy the flowers on my porch. They give the gift of joy every day! Flowers
  5. My gift from the garden..I receive joy in watching the flowers on my porch thrive. MPE_SSDLT_ModernRustic_01 CKH Showers of Flowers DDS_CheerfulNature_Masks
  6. My layout was complete yesterday...but this morning I have decided to add to it. BRB with my layout link!
  7. May is Gifts from the Garden Month. We have flower gardens, vegetable or herb gardens. These are the traditional types of gardens. But there are also fairy gardens, butterfly gardens, and more. Your challenge is to create a layout using Gifts from the Garden as your inspiration. Do you gift vegetables from your garden? Do you make or receive baked goods from a garden? There are other garden gifts I can think of; like peace or joy while enjoying time in or viewing a garden. Do you have a favorite botanical garden you like to visit? I can't wait to see the layouts your creatives cre
  8. The gallery is looking delicious ladies!!
  9. Yum! Interesting take on a smoothie, but it sounds amazing! Beautiful card, Marilyn. I like the blueberry vine (I need to check out this collection)and blueberry cluster. Beautiful!
  10. This does sound delicious, Marilyn! I like that you included photos and have the blended rhubarb in the background.
  11. The grandkids would like these! Pretty card, Jane! I like that you included the awesome photo and the embellishment cluster of fruit is perfect.
  12. I love all the blackberry vines and the ribbon. This sounds delicious!
  13. Cute card, Diane! This does sound delicious, with the addition of the balsamic vinegar and preserves. I buy flavored balsamic vinegars-they have a strawberry one that would be so good in this!!
  14. You are most welcome!! I am so grateful that you all come back each month to participate with me! 🥰
  15. I can only imagine how many cards of mine are out there with typos........😂 No worries, Linda. I sent the corrected card.
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