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  1. This is a fun color for your LO, Cute photos and frames of the kids - neat that they got to go to the welcome center.
  2. DixieLee

    My girl

    awww, this is so special, love the title and the photo treatment, well done!!
  3. so cute and the framing is fantastic!!
  4. DixieLee


    You make really awesome LOs!!
  5. Wow! Amazing difference - how fun that you went back and changed it, you sure have taken off on your talent- very inspiring!!
  6. I am trying to make a LO for our kids that do ride horses. I used GWH- Fairy Garden, AFT-Overlays, Brush Years and String, STI-Country Wire, JCO-Horseshoe, MRE-Lay Journal tag, KSC-Urban Cowgirl, ASO- Photo mask and JMadd-Photo mask.
  7. Really cute photos and placement, I appreciate the whole LO, well done!!
  8. DixieLee


    wow! I really like this, the title is fabulously done with the lighthouse. Cool!
  9. There is everything to love about your beautiful LO!!
  10. awww, what a wonder, how grateful to see that she healed and now loves boots!! Great LO!!
  11. DixieLee

    Moment in time

    Boy, what an antique! Like the use of your blues esp. the background paper and your framing of your photo too.
  12. Your Lo is perfect with the motorcycle, very flashy! and I like how you placed the photos parallel with the road.
  13. I thought right away this looks like your daughter! Wonderful LO. I also like how the 'egg' word hovers over the title.
  14. this is a great photo like Jane said, the stitching and what you had to say just makes your LO so interesting too. Great use of masks too.
  15. DixieLee

    Your Best Life

    This is so cute!!! Everything just ties right in!
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