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  1. All the above including her hair and boots!!
  2. I like the black and white with a tad of color in the corner, precious moments is right!
  3. I liked your LO so much I promptly ordered the kit and then realized I already had it! Silly me, but I really do like your family photo and the blending!
  4. DixieLee


    What fun! And she looks the perfect model for a Golden Day! And I like the OOB framing and her playing with the leaves-you don't notice that many fall leaves in AZ. I also really like your stitching!
  5. DixieLee


    After I read what you wrote then it is perfect that you are both holding cups, what a blessing to become grandparents, and you showcased it beautifully!!
  6. This is precious even with her cute t-shirt, well, I guess the skirt matches! Just precious!!
  7. Marilyn - you are hilarious, but great ideas about what we all enjoy in the Fall! Your LO is an original!!
  8. I agree with Tracy, and also the little fun saying 'feel the sand between your toes' delightful!
  9. Oh, I remember this, walking home from school and sadly looking at the half mast flag and wondering who could take his place-I don't remember much except feeling very sad. He was a good president.
  10. Boy can she shoot! Some teens really enjoy target practice.
  11. This looks so pretty dressed in Fall
  12. A very sobering layout and you did it well. Such a sad occasion.
  13. Thanks for your compliments! We actually took all 6 kids with us and one of our daughters held onto my hand to pull me up over the rocks and another daughter pushed my rear end up to get me up to the next boulder! It was all worth it!!
  14. Wow! That bike adds perfect Fall coloring to the scene, you ought to ask her if you can ride it sometime! Sure made a beautiful LO!!
  15. DixieLee

    Fun with Dad.

    The photo, flowers, wording I really like and that your photo doesn't go all the way to the frame-it looks so rich!!
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