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  1. This is the perfect homage to your beloved book. It makes me happy to see a story bring joy to (at least) 3 generations!
  2. This page makes me feel so calm. Fantastic use of white space and I love the gorgeous border you created.
  3. What a bright, happy page! Great use of the OOB frame.
  4. JenniferZ

    PL 2020 Week 19

    I love the idea of creating little treasures for people to find. What a great way to spread smiles!
  5. Gorgeous table arrangement! Your little critter companion is adorable. Love the photo blending, too. Nice work!
  6. Wow -- lots of creativity here! I love the industrial grunge look contrasted with your colorful sky.
  7. Gorgeous wildlife shots!! I love the arrangement here and how you used the map in the upper corner to mark your location -- clever idea!
  8. That looks like a super fun place to be -- great photos!
  9. This is lovely!! Gorgeous treatment of this photo -- it really makes your subject pop. And I like the neutral accented with a wee bit of color. Perfect quote, too. Nice work!
  10. JenniferZ


    What a sweetie! I love this page -- especially your use of white space and the rectangular text paths to repeat the square shapes of the photos. Lovely clustering and arrangement under the photos, as well. Nice work!
  11. Love these colorful boats! I like how your background papers mirror the colors in the photos. What a cool trip this must have been!
  12. What a perfect use of this OOB frame! It really sets the mood of this page with its grungy feel. What a fabulous experience -- do you know if they actually caught anything?!
  13. Oh, I love this!!! Love the mix of patterns in the background and your gorgeous use of white space. Lovely work!!
  14. What fabulous use of this word art! I really like the imagery you chose here -- it's perfect. Your arrangement has great balance, too. Nice work!!
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