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  1. crush4dolphins

    June Faith cards

    Absolutely beautiful! It compliments the verse so well!
  2. crush4dolphins

    John 11 40

    I know this is a previous one but this verse spoke to me tonight! Thank you for this challenge! Everything is from this kit: ABR_CaptMem_Paper_Solid3.jpg
  3. Love how that scarf feels like I can touch it!
  4. Love how you used flipping the sketch to accent this photo and your use of the stitching and the brads
  5. Love the background behind the photos and how you put the title in the strips
  6. Great flip of sketch and love how you pulled the grass for the strips and the pins and tape
  7. Love you title work and you used the circle behind the smaller photos
  8. I just love the whole serene layout!
  9. Cute cluster and I like how you tied in the green 3 times
  10. I just love the manly feel! The wire loops are great!
  11. I like how you replaced the strips and the clothespin cluster is great!
  12. Great smile! I love how you used the arrow and words to draw to photo
  13. Changing the sketch and using fully slanted lines really made your photo stand out.
  14. I love the colors and the B&W and putting the photo in the split!
  15. DRO_JFlowersII_Words-Gold-Princess.png SNU_SSEmb_FlourishedPhotos-5.psd MRE_AYO_Beads_Metal_Scroll_GoldSm.png BMU_Merrick_Banner-1.png copy BMU_AutumnJewel_GlitterSpray-Gold.png BMU_Merrick_Embossed.jpg
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