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  1. Hi Marilyn, How are you doing?

  2. Instead of doing a layout about my mom I decided to create my layout around a morning we spent together. After she passed away I was given 10 large storage totes with photos in them. These are three of the photos she took that morning on the beach with me. Sunrise – NLC 5-12-20 SG Supplies Used – GW_SSLOT_JustBlendIt1_3, COL_SSType_JournalingAroundSquares, SDE_TheColdSea, Fonts: Great Vibes, Bangle and Aerial
  3. Hi, I'm not sure if I'll get six completed but I would like to give it a try. This is my first layout of the month… Sunrise - NLC 5/12/20
  4. Sunrise Instead of creating a layout about my mom I decided to attempt a Journaling page about a morning my mom and I spent together.
  5. Hi Andrea, Thank you so much for your guidance and the links that you included in your reply. The two articles definitely clarified some of the questions that I had. Please know how much I truly do appreciate you taking the time especially on Mother's Day to answer my questions. I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day! Thanks again!
  6. Happy Mother's Day to you all! I have a question about this month's challenges… Could someone please tell me what a Pocket Life page is all about? Thank you so much for any clarification you can provide me. 😊
  7. I love the quote, the pop of yellow and the blending of the your papers.
  8. Happy Birthday! Awesome layout...love the photo, blending and the orange!
  9. Daddy Dance With Me by Krystal Keith
  10. ICD-9 Coder (International Classification of Diseases Coder)
  11. Hi April, I have two questions for this Monthly Chase. Question 1. Only the May 2nd iNSD Weekend Challenge can be used and counted towards the 6 layouts required, correct? Question 2...Am I just blind that I can not find the post for the 4 May Monthly Challenges? Thank you.
  12. Thank you so much...I had a blast with you all during the chat. Thanks again to Debby and Mikelle for their guidance with my request for brush assistance.
  13. Congratulations Jane!
  14. What a joyful layout Jane! I love the colors and the way you mixed the papers together.
  15. Congratulations Diane! What an awesome way to avoid those crocodiles! Girlfriend
  16. April, thank you so much for hosting the chat this afternoon. I especially appreciate all the links that you posted in this thread. I look forward to completing a layout for this challenge. I may not get all six done before the deadline but, I will complete as many as I can. Have a great evening!
  17. I love what you did with the thought bubbles… I recognize the orange dot paper too. What a cute photo.
  18. Thank you so much for your kind comments… I really appreciate it! I wasn't going to do much journaling but when I ended up with the musical note and the apple I was stumped. It got me thinking about all that I experienced during the day at the track.
  19. Thank you so much for your congratulations! Thank you Beatrice for hosting this game for us. It was a lot of fun and I have quite a few items on my wish list.
  20. Good morning, here is my layout for the Mess/Masterpiece Chat Challenge. I want to send a very special thanks to Debby for her patience and guidance with my request for brush assistance. Words cannot express how much I truly do appreciate you taking the time to offer your help to me. I would also like to thank Mikelle for her guidance as well and for hosting this chat. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone! NASCAR
  21. Thursday Mess or Masterpiece Chat Challenge: Supplies Used: Thursday Mess or Masterpiece Chat Challenge: Supplies Used: 1 Photo – Personal 3 Papers – EMA-Into the Woods Paper Biggie – Paper #3, FLO- Hello August – Paper #10, SG Summer Paper – ACA Yellow 5 Embellishments - ABR_JustBU_Emb-edging-blue, AFT_Blissful_Emb_Lace2, BMU_BonAppetit_EMB_AppleSlice-1, DRB_Dont-Be-Blue_Leaves-White, LLO_BeautDance_Embs_Charm_8thNote 1 Alpha Set - MRE_WellLoved_Alpha 1 Font – Aurora Cn BT Regular 1 Brush Set - LLA_BrushSet_Cruising – Plane Brush 1 Style - A
  22. Hi, here is my list...I switching my reading time with my aunt so I'll be there. Chips Digital Scrapbooking Elephants Flamingos Giggles iNSD Koalas Mischief Maker Nail Polish Pillow Fights Sale Shopping Tigers Unicorns Zookeeper
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