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  1. yes, I did post the kit I used. It' BMU Book of Scraps.
  2. I found this pic on my computer. Otherwise, not a lot of pics of food. This is MINE
  3. This is not my picture, but from a friend who posts a lot on FB about birds. I thought this guy was so cute and interesting. This is MINE
  4. I used this challenge to scrap pics of my newly adopted doggie, Presley. He is a sweet dog that has stolen my heart. This is MINE
  5. It was -16 degrees this morning but I was very content and warm and cozy. I adopted this dog 2 days ago but you would think he'd lived with me for a long time. Presley is so sweet and Piper likes him too. This is MINE
  6. I have been freshening up some spaces in my home in the new year and concentrating on styled vignettes which has been fun. This is MINE
  7. I found this lo in my projects file, so it was easy to finish up. This is MINE
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