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  1. I scrapbooked this old picture of my great Aunt Mary. She died not too long after this picture was taken. I wish I had known her. This is MINE
  2. I hope this fits this challenge. The ticket stub is my tag. Sioux Falls is my home town so any time I can scrapbook about it, I am happy. This is MINE
  3. I didn't get a pic of Rebekah actually putting a large spoonful of cocoa in her mouth and her reaction. I was too busy taking care of her. Her friends told her to do this, so she just had to try it. This is MINE
  4. Another page about my dog. This is MINE
  5. My son's baby quilt....so hard to let go! This is MINE
  6. My granddaughter doing the Macarena. I loved this challenge and used this recipe to do quite a few more layouts over the weekend. This LO has more layering than I normally do but it was fun. This is MINE
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