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  1. After it became clear dad could no longer be trusted to live alone due to the eating disorder, he moved in with me. Only recently has the medical world realized that Anorexia Nervosa is rampant in the elderly. Unlike a teenager living with parents, they live alone so they can lie about how much their eating (which dad did) and they can blame numerous other medical problems for it (which dad did). Dad is sane and rational in all areas of his life other than food. Then he's a raving lunatic. He keeps two scales in his bathroom in case one is high. The sight of food disgusts him so when I bring
  2. It ain't just in teenage girls. My 86 year old father has it. When he got cancer, he felt as if he was no longer in control of his life- the cancer was, the drs were, I was, etc. His need to be in control of something was so great he started to control how much he ate, which was about 200 calories a day. By deliberately not doing what everyone wanted him to do, he was back in control of himself. Being back in control helped ease his stress and anxiety over the cancer. But somewhere along the way (I'm told by psyhciatrists and therapists) just like in drug users and alcoholics, anorexic's l
  3. This is my father's arm showing the cancerous tumor a week before he started chemo. The tumor totally and completely disappeared after the second round of chemo. It was disappearing so fast it was amazing. USC Grunge Guru papers blended LCO Grunge Brushes
  4. Hope you're able to find some time to celebrate today. Happy Birthday, Lori!

  5. Hey Lori,

    Wow! You have had a tough go at it lately! I will keep my fingers crossed for your family and you!

  6. Crueltyfre/Lori


    Dad getting his first chemo drip. Four hours of one drug, half an hour of others. He had no side effects while there other than being cold.
  7. My father and I were waiting for a PET scan to tell us if his cancer had spread. We had just been laughing about his impending baldness and I had been snapping shots of his hair. But as I was taking the last shot, he stopped laughing and I caught this look on his face. I didn't know what to say to him or him to me. So we just sat together. Florence and Chelsea Claire papers blended Photo Edges brushes
  8. That toilet flushing cat on the web has nothing on Harry. He's bound and determined to figure this out. Spiced Cider papers (blended) PSP Preset Shapes Accents 4610 PSP Scripts Golds 4601 PSP Presest Shapes Frames 4605
  9. A few hours after having a CT scan, my fathers dr called and told me to take him to the ER as the scan showed he had a punctured lung from a medi-port install a few days earlier. The ER was freezing and dad had to remove his shirt to get hooked up to all the machines. I bundled him up like a mummy and was laughing at how he looked when he told me to take his picture, so I did. PSP Scripts Golds 4601 PSP Preset Shapes Frames 4605 PSP Preset Shapes Frames 4606 PSP Preset Shapes Borders 4607 Torn Papers
  10. They warn the patients, but not the caretakers. So for all the others facing this, here's what to expect, lol. Preset Shapes Accents 4610 Bold Metallics Presets 4604 Layout Template Clean
  11. Dad is very proud that he's 86 and still has a lot of hair, some of which isn't even totally gray yet. We found out that the chemo dad's going to get will make him lose his hair, so we thought we had to document how much he has prior to it's disappearance. SSTools: Swirls 4609 Text Brushes Multiple Photo 2 layout template
  12. My mother had never heard of these but saw them in the store and fell in love with them. So she bought all the different colors they had and planted them all in one spot. I hated having to tell her that they get their color from the soil pH and next year would all be the same color, but I thought if I didn't, she'd never knew what happened. Weaved and Woven templatesFlowers for Mom papers Straight Edge Template
  13. Crueltyfre/Lori


    Someone asked for quilled pieces and as I use to quill, I thought I'd give it a try. Here's the results. Quilled Queations Flowers for Mom papers Signs of Spring paper Tear it up Templates
  14. It's been decades since I've seen the leaves change (I'm in the tropics) and when some fall photo's found there way to me, I just had to scrap them. Perfect Plaids for Fall Weaved and Woven Templates
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