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  1. Back from my little holiday. Lots of great photos to scrap so now I need to make time to create some pages. Ken did not catch any fish ☹️

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    2. Florida granny

      Florida granny

      Welcome back! (I like Boatlady's comment about the one that got away.  Maybe you can photograph the empty line. :D )

    3. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      Looking forward to seeing your pages, glad you had a good time away but sorry Ken didn't get any fish, nothing like fresh fish to eat :) 

    4. beatricemi


      Always love your pages!

  2. Later today ( Sunday 18th) heading off for a little 3 night holiday in a cabin in a National Park that borders onto a river and beach. Ken is looking forward to some fishing. It will be a very quiet rest as there is no TV and I will have no internet. See you all when we return. 

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    2. Boatlady


      Have fun I hope we get to see some fun pages of the adventure.

    3. GraceJ
    4. Pab


      Sounds so nice!! Hope you are having a great time!

  3. @hmfaub Marie..... this tutorial HERE should be of help you. You might also find helpful other tutorials in this section HERE
  4. A-M

    Smile Face Eggs

    What a fun page! What us scrapbookers do with snapping photos!
  5. my 5th - Monthly #1 - Anzac Day
  6. Challenge #1 Anzac Day 2014
  7. Credits: template - AHA_Clustered4 Papers from AHA_School Daze ( some recoloring - dotted paper) embellishments from AHA_Poppy Lane Font - Kingthings Trypewriter
  8. This has been a dangerous thread.... 🛒 I just have the need to go and buy those two sets.
  9. I found these grunge brushes by Ginny HERE but I am not sure if that is what Debby has used.
  10. My 4th ...... Newsletter 13th  - No Frost
  11. I took my photo just the other day.... No Frost
  12. Journaling: I took this photo on 7th July 2021and it is the closest to a frost so far this winter. Credits: Template - ABR_SSLayout_Grungeology papers and embellishments - CWX_Holly Jolly Font - Amelie
  13. Great close up photo and such interesting brushes/images you have used.
  14. My 3rd for the month..... Weekend Wildcard 3rd - Tickets Please
  15. I had the perfect kit that had both stars in it and striped paper: Tickets Please
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