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    I don't need to understand, I just need to hold His hand.
    - Emolyn C. Lambert

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  1. I am still having fun taking my daily photos.... 11-17 Feb
  2. I will not be taking part this month as I recently bought another kindle book so the budget does not stretch to two.
  3. My photo prompts are from a website/facebook of Fat Mum Slim.... some years ago I used her prompts for my Photo A Day photos and enjoyed it so I thought I would try it again this year. This month there are letters but not in order. It is fun and gives me all sorts of photos to use on scrapbook pages and not just for Project Life.
  4. Feb 4 to 10th I am still having fun with my daily photos.
  5. papers and embellishment from Farmhouse Chic by Kimeric Kreations. Fonts - Elephant, Cobel, Courier new, Eras Light and Ink Free (journaling)
  6. I do the same as everyone above in placing the alphas one at a time onto my page. It is not too time consuming unless you have a large title. sometimes it is fun to mix fonts with an alpha for titles that have a few words in them. Some designers have a full sheet of alphas which I like as I find it slightly easier - because you have your page open and the sheet of alphas - ( depending on software) - use marquee tool around the letter you want - copy and then paste onto your page. When you paste them this way they all stack on top of each other then it is easier to choose them all and resize at the same time.
  7. My page for Jan 28 to Feb 3 I am having fun taking my daily photos.
  8. credits: Flower Daisy Yellow by Adrienne Skelton Fonts - Elephant, Corbel, Courier New, Eras Light and Ink Free ( journaling) Journaling: The photo for Sunday is the stairs we can see from our front door and they lead to a back door to the Nursing Home which is next door to our Retirement Village. When I worked at the Museum on Monday 29th, I took a photo of the Village Street. The building are all set up like a small village. For my glass of water photo on Tuesday, I took my water and pills I take each day. On Wednesday afternoon I worked at the Craft Store so my “on paper” photo was the day before’s sales in our Daily takings book. We place the tags and stickers from the items sold along with a written list showing the artist’s code, the item and price. I worked with Judi and we had a really\ nice afternoon together. Now, the list of photos for February are letters from the alphabet but not in order. Thursday photo is Ken’s lunch preparation and his lunch box. He was off to his workshop for the day. I had a good home day. Friday night I always cook some form of fish for dinner so ,my photo was the Olive Oil Spray I used on the tray I cook the frozen fish on. As I worked with Joy in the Craft Store on Saturday afternoon I took a photo of the 2 sections of J name badges.
  9. Belle, there is no template used for this. Thankyou for your comment.
  10. I print them myself but not very big as where I hang these is on a small clip board at my computer desk. Thankyou for your comment.
  11. (Did anyone else ever see Maggie and Leon together?! What about Tiger's real name...and does anyone else think the author missed a great chance to name him Rome/Roman, so that Romany is another nod to Angie's friendship with him?! Do you think Daniel/Jax remained an active part of Romany's life moving forward?!). Maggie and Leon at college reminded me of my daughter and her friend Silas who became like a brother to her at High School but when they were older tried to have a romantic relationship but it did not work. So I did not expect Maggie and Leon to end up together. When Tiger shared his real name I was sort of hoping it would be something like Roman. Also my thoughts at one time was that Tiger would end up being Romany's real father. Daniel/Jax, I feel would have become part of Romany's life along with Hope who was not going to have children but I think in the end would enjoy a female in her home life. When we first meet Maggie and Angie, it’s hard to imagine that they will ever be friends as they are so very different to one another. Why do you think their friendship works? In real life opposites attract as they compliment each other so it was not difficult to watch that friendship grow. What at first seems exciting and Bohemian about Tiger’s life starts to tip over into something else. How appealing is a life with no roots? What do you think Tiger is running away from? Why does he stop? Tiger's lifestyle of roaming around the world does not appeal to me as I need a HOME. I wish it had been shared in the story but I feel Tiger had some bad family experience in his younger years that caused him to not want to settle somewhere. I was so pleased how his settling down with Romany eventuated. Leon choice of wife surprises Angie and threatens to drive them all apart. What do you think Leon is searching for? I am not sure what attracted Leon to his wife but men's thinking is not an easy one to fathom. Leon was always wanting a normal average home lifestyle which he had with his wife but she was not the right one for him. Jax runs a mile when Angie falls pregnant and yet Angie seeks to arrange it so that he and Romany meet. Why do you think she does that? I was a single mother due to a date rape and I can see how Angie felt a need for Romany to meet Jax as he was a good man but not the right one for Angie. Like my own personal life, a wrong relationship does not make for a good father for your child. The child is better off with no father. Angie and Jax had a very bad relationship - no commitment from either of them. I think Angie might have wanted that but Jax did not. Have you ever thought about appointing a guardian for someone? What did you take into consideration? How practical do you think Angie’s proposal actually is? I have never thought of appointing a guardian for anyone. Angie's proposal at first seemed impractical but eventually we all discovered why she did it. Ultimately, it seems that Angie knew her friends almost better than they knew themselves. Do you think their lives are improved by the end of the book? Angie was a true friend to them all and her love for them overflowed in the way she brought her daughter up. All their lives were affected positively because of Angie's request. Maggie would have ended up back working in law which was her true passion. Leon would have continued to play his music in public for others to enjoy. Tiger was settling down to live a home life with Romany. Hope was the one for relationships and she in the end became a step-mother to Romany so in the years to come possibly would eventually become a Grandmother. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars (with 5 being the greatest), where did this book fall on your rating scale? On my kindle I gave a rating of 4 stars but it was possibly more 3 and a half. It was an easy reading book but not one that made me not want to put it down. It was easy to just read a chapter or two at a time and pick it up another day. I tried to make all my replies in purple but at #4 something went crazy and it would not let me do it in purple.
  12. Lots of questions! I will return later and have a go at answering them.
  13. In case you cannot read the small print at the bottom of the calendar - this photo was taken in February 2007 when we were travelling around Tasmania ( island state at the bottom of Australia) at a place called Waratah. I thought this a good photo for my scripture about a valley. Credits: Embrace Hope by Carol W Designs Fonts - Orator, Trajan Pro and Tangerine
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