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    I used to think I was craft impaired. Now I know I just needed to find my craft...digiscrapping!

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  1. A very happy birthday to you - may you have a joyous day!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday Holly!

  3. Happy Birthday. May you have a blessed and wonderful year.

  4. Logan just learned to clap! LOL! So cute!

  5. *bugsmama*


    Just some random LOs that I have finished.
  6. WOW. Your tree is so pretty. I love all the lights. What a great LO.
  7. *bugsmama*


    Random is good. Random of shoes is GREAT! I really like this LO. The whole thing works really really well. Great job!
  8. Those shoes are darling! I love this LO. I like the darker colors behind your lettering. I don't think it's jarring at all. Great work!
  9. *bugsmama*

    These shoes

    Cute shoes are ALWAYS worth the blisters! Great LO. And I LOVE those shoes!
  10. Here is a page from the photobook I am giving to everyone at Christmas. I used the BMU_Squirt collection.
  11. I made a photo book of the trip we took for my mom's birthday. This is one of my fave pages.
  12. *bugsmama*

    My Kids

    LOs of my kiddos.
  13. Logan is finally sitting up long enough for me to take some pictures.
  14. Nothing like a little motivation to learn a new skill!
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