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  1. Two of my grandchildren having fun at Animal Kingdom. The supplies are all from Brandy Murry's Menagerie collection.
  2. Everything about the page says "happy". Nice job!
  3. Cute page! I love the pops of red and the journaling.
  4. This is lovely Joyce. I love all the colors and the seamless blending. I like that silhouette in the background that gives the impression of everything is possible. Grreat job!
  5. I like the way you blended in all the items in the background and that you journaled your list. Great job!
  6. I like all the fonts you used and I would say that your comments seem pretty accurate. Fun layout!
  7. I love the way the art doll is in the center to show that this layout is focused on you. Love the colors and the journaling. Great job!
  8. Beautiful page! I love the angel and the music. The layout is very well balanced.
  9. Love the lyrics, the hearts, the art doll, and the colors. Great job!
  10. Wonderful job with your first art journaling page. You captured your emotions on the page and that's not easy to do.
  11. Wonderful page Belle. But how can you be the best grandma in the world when I have a magnet on my fridge that says, "World's Best Grandma"?:)I can see why your grandchildren adore you, I enjoy your kind words and humor too. You did a great job on this, Love the frame, love the crown, love it all.
  12. Wonderful page as usual. I'm fascinated by how you come up with these ideas. You have a very creative mind.
  13. I love your grumpy girl and the double headed arrow. Great page!
  14. Beautiful page. I love your art doll ant all the blended components. Lovely!
  15. This is lovely and very sweet. I love the gentle hand at the bottom and the soft colors. Well done!
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