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  1. naninca

    Session 1 Photo 2

    Looks nice! Subtle changes, but they work well. Nancy
  2. I loved Barb's Molly Milkshake flower so much I had to make my own! Thanks for the inspiration! Nancy
  3. Thanks, Barb! Just too darn adorable. And I love that kit, too. Fortunately, it's already in my stash! Nancy
  4. Oh goodness, I love this! Gotta try that last flower! Is it just a heart shape duplicated a bunch of times with a stroke outline? Or perhaps a flower shape? Or perhaps I should just go play!
  5. naninca

    paper flower

    Beautiful! This one really caught my eye with all the pretty colors.
  6. Thanks for your kind comments! Only one of the kids is mine (my other three boys couldn't come home, so we invited our youth pastor and another friend), so I didn't want to post photos of the others without their permission. No template on this one, I just chose the photos and laid them out the way they looked best. I used a rectangle shape, simplified it, duplicated and clippped photos to each so the three bottom photos were the same size. In the interest of time, I kept this one really simple. But I just LOVE the flower idea! Nancy
  7. Loved the flower tutorial. With nothing but boys around here, I don't get to use flowers too often!
  8. This one just caught my eye! Great colors and layout. Very fun, and what a sweet dog!
  9. naninca

    our mother

    This one caught my eye immediately. Absolutely beautiful, and what a wonderful tribute to your Mom. Lovely.
  10. naninca

    Family Collage

    KatieGrace, it took a while, but the Picasa thing helped a lot! I picked an equal number of photos of each of us (gotta be fair to those kids, doncha know!), and just dragged them onto each layer. Picasa already had them cropped down to just the face, so each one was really easy to choose. I don't think I would have thought of this if I didn't see all those faces lined up and sorted so nicely. I blew it up so big because I needed to fill a large wall.
  11. naninca

    Family Collage

    I loved Ang Campbell's Year in Review templates. Picassa recently added a face recognition feature that made me want to put together a huge layout of my family. I made the template pieces 2 inches square, and added another two rows to the sides to make them fit my frame. I couldn't upload the original, so this is a photo of the finished piece (24x26") on the wall.
  12. naninca

    Card for Challenge

    We spent our anniversary in this beautiful place last year.
  13. naninca

    Change A Letter

    Fool! Just had to jump in here. Nancy
  14. OOOOHHH! I love this! Very inspiring. So very clever
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