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  1. So I have a co worker wanting me to do a couple pages for her. I have wanted to try and do SFH for years but never had the opportunity. For any that have done this, how much do you charge per page?

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    2. Pab



      This is a co worker that I know well, so getting any journaling from her would be easy peasy. I did think I would send her an email with a few different styles of LO's and let her pick her two favs to give me a feel for what style she prefers before getting started. 

    3. angleigh


      It does sound like you have everything covered.  Just a FYI...for S4H you don't have to have commercial license (even though that covers all bases)  but you do have to have the S4H license for the product.

    4. Pab


      That's what I thought, hence the two categories Scrap for Hire and Commercial. Thanks!

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