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  1. 6/22 - Tuesday Newsletter Challenge6/23 - Wednesday Game6/24 - Thursday Challenge6/25 - Friday Game6/26 - Weekend Challenge6/27 - Sunday Game6/28 - Monday Challenge6/29 - Tuesday Game
  2. Such an awesome page and you said it all so well!!
  3. Whoo Hoo I am done with a full Bingo Card. Now onto the next project. lol
  4. Best Vacation of a lifetime. We took our two youngest for two weeks, to Hawaii for Christmas that year to be with our son and his family. He was stationed there with Army at that time. I used: Ginny Whitcomb Just Blend It Masks Exuberance SG Kit Brandy Murry Letter Board Christmas Wood Paper
  5. Thanks ladies! And the cake was actually very good!! You can't always count on Walmart cakes to be fresh but this one was delicious.
  6. Pab

    Happy Memory

    So beautifully put together!
  7. Pab

    Hello Summer

    So cute!! Love the colors in this one!
  8. My GS putting on his skates at his little sisters Bday party. He just happened to go out there all by himself while everyone else was putting there's on at the seats. I used:JRA_CollectionBiggie_VintagePosy_WordArt_Special JWH_NYC_Paper_Special ACU__Halloween Memories_Paper_Special
  9. Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Looking forward to this! Question Angie, Did you mean to say you WILL NOT post a challenge on the 29th? I hope that's what you meant, lol.
  11. This is my Bday lunch at work. My boss does the same thing for everyone. lol I created this on Artisan6 and used Connie Prince's Kit Clubhouse and Heartmade Scrapbook's Kit Make a Wish.
  12. My GS's first ride on the Gator this year. He was driving crazy for quite a while. lol I used : Angela Blanchard Industrial Strength Brandy Murry's Shadowed Frame Clusters #4 Amanda Fraijo-Tobin Worn Overlays Angie Briggs First N Goal Kit
  13. There's a font for the date, a different one for the title and a 3rd one on the background paper.
  14. I really like this! Such pretty colors!
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