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  1. I am in and hope to get started today. Been so busy working on two scrap books for two different occasions, that's been taking all my scrap time.
  2. Pab


    So pretty! What kit are these flowers out of?
  3. Pab


    Gorgeous page and picture!!
  4. Pab


    So nice, I also love the way it's coming out of the picture frame!
  5. Here's mine, it took me forever to find a decent picture with some purple in it. My Birthday Cake
  6. This was my birthday cake in 2005 along with some purple flowers to plant outside. I absolutely loved those flowers. I hated that I had to leave them behind when we sold that house. They had grown up so big. I looked and looked for a pic of them growing outside but couldn't fine one. I used Syndee Rogers Delightful Template and a paper from Shalae Tippett's Kit Promise
  7. Love this page and the sentiment!!
  8. Pab

    In April.jpg

    Love the blue gems for the heart!
  9. Pab

    On the Sea Wall

    Love how you've framed the picture!
  10. Here's mine, I even used a kit with flower in the name lol
  11. This is my baby, (who is not 19) on the day she was adopted! A very floral page. I used Syndee Rogers Wildflower Collection and a template from Syndee also.
  12. Here's my #5 from this weekends challenge, Beauty
  13. Pab


    These are two pics of sunset time taken within the last two weeks. The big one from my front yard and the smaller from my backyard. I used a template from Syndee Rogers and a paper from SG Kit Alternate Christmas.
  14. Here's my #4, Weekend Wildcard Challenge
  15. Here's mine for the Travel LO
  16. I used Brandy Murrys Seize the Day Kit and 1 paper from Brandy Murrys Everyday Kit, 06-10 Template out of Scrap it Now from Digital Scrappers
  17. Here's my #3, Favorite Color
  18. Here's my #3. Favorite Color - Sunrise!
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