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  1. Happy birthday! Hope it's a great one!

  2. Thank you all for birthday wishes. I just now logged in. sorry!

  3. Happy Birthday to you from all of your SG friends - hope you have a wonderful day today filled with happiness and lots of great little surprises!

  4. ~*~Cati~*~

    Poker Super Stars

    I love this! My dad hasn't learned the internet version yet since he really doesn't know how to use a computer other than the Dallas Cowboys website, but if he did, watch out. He and a bunch of his buddies get together about twice a month and play texas hold'um. I am actually trying to make some pages for his 50th we just had. we did a poker theme for it. I'll try to get something soon on here. I am going to look for those chips now. hopfully I can find them still! Cati Ann
  5. My sister and I are currently working on a family cookbook and this is EXACTLY what we are looking for! Hopefully you can give me some pointers here!! ~*~Cati~*~
  6. ~*~Cati~*~

    Cake Portfolio

    These are the pages I am working on for my mother and I's cake services.
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    Cati Fishel

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