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  1. I did a water card using CreatorsCouture brush system CWX_DistantTime_brush6 Font Monopola Script
  2. ABR_SSPaper_Found_Grunge4 ABR_SSWA_Found_Adventure BDS_Plaid-Pp1 (1) BDS_Plaid-Pp1 (4) CVW_SupplyTracker Font Alex brush JDE_BrushSet_WinterWood_Squirrel SNU_Persimmon_Emb_Border SNU_Persimmon_Emb_Butterfly2 BMU_SSEMB_FallOutFrames 1, 3, & 4
  3. Wow! is right. Love it. Would make a beautiful note card! I think I will scraplift.
  4. So beautiful. The photo arrangement is really nice. Iris are so photogenic.
  5. Just beautiful! Love the marble background. I'm with Diane. The photo cluster arrangement flows across with the paper and is very nicely balanced.
  6. For all you fontaholics. This is a link to free fonts. Some of them are really pretty. You do have to register, but the fonts are worth it. There are lots of them.


    1. MariJ


      Thanks, Lynne, this looks like a good resource.

    2. GraceJ


      Awesome! thank you so much! Happy weekend Lynne

    3. englishrose


      Thank you! I'm always on the lookout for a freebie.

  7. Welcome Larisa, Such a pretty name. Looking forward to seeing your designs.
  8. ABR_MillThing_DotsD ABR_MillThing_Solid10 ABR_MillThing_Solid5 BMU_LayeredNaureMasks_2_d_Nature CVW_SupplyTracker Font Atkins GWH_SSDLOT_JustBlendIt1 Hue/Saturation 1 copy Mask Mask Mask Title Font Apple Garamond tmd_timeworn_oldprint3
  9. Love it! Really neat clusters scattered around. Very Interesting idea.
  10. This is the real cover of an actual book. Once I get it made😅 Workin' hard on it. Can you see the sweat?
  11. Here' my page Just around the corner Here's the gradient tut I used. Had some trouble making it do what I wanted, but got it in the end. https://scrapgirls.com/all-posts/gradient-tool-to-blend-photos-into-background
  12. CVW_SupplyTracker DCA_SSAlpha_3DCurvy_J DCA_SSAlpha_3DCurvy_S DCA_SSAlpha_3DCurvy_T DCA_SSAlpha_3DCurvy_U EBA_SSEmb_WatercolorWashes_2 Font: Fondy Script PERSONA... florju_FallDream_pp (11) florju_FallDream_pp (15)
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