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  1. I wasted no time and hopped right over to the store and got some goodies so I can get my first free installment of this year's Christmas collection! Love this annual freebie!


    1. Amy D

      Amy D

      Yes!! Gorgeous 1st installment, I especially love the phone box!

    2. mimes1


      I saw you! I was in line right behind you and Amy! The phone booth is a must have!!

    3. Laura
  2. CindyLuWho

    Seeing Double

    Like others have said, I saw this in the NL and sought it out to get a better look! This is such a story-rich picture -- if only we knew the story! Ah, well, it's lovely to look at and beautifully featured on your LO. I'm incredibly intrigued by the concept of restoring glass negatives. And your dad did it without digital tools! I'm in awe. My mom has some very old proofs of her in her wedding dress, and I've been squeezing as much as possible out of PS to get the pics to look half-decent. If only we could tap into your dad's insight for doing restoration work! Thx for sharing this pic and LO!
  3. CindyLuWho

    Be Strong

    You go, girl! What a fabulous LO and your journaling is something that we can certainly relate to! I like the concept of the brick wall being the image featured on the page because losing stubborn pounds sure feels like running into a brick wall! "Slow and steady, just keep going." Perfect motto for the year!
  4. Love the "envelope" look created by the triangle edged in blue. The swirly scribbles are a perfect contrast to the order and predictability of the plaid. Awesome LO!
  5. Well, that's the funniest thing ever! Our son has a dino costume -- so now I'm wondering if I could convince him to vacuum more often if he'd wear it! Your LO is great -- and combines the humor of each moment with a great background that highlights the color of the T-Rex suit.
  6. I loooove the calmness of this LO and how everything leads the eye to the grey seal's eyes. It's beautifully done!
  7. What a special gift that big get-together is now that we're not getting together! Your pic is awesome and I like how you've made it big enough to actually see everyone's faces. Love the collection you chose, too!
  8. CindyLuWho

    Labor Day 1948

    What a great way to feature this sweet vintage photo! I like your little caption at the bottom, too -- "just like mayberry." ?
  9. Such a beautiful LO -- love the contrast of the crimson red, white, with the gold and evergreen accents!
  10. Love this LO -- these two pics tell such a beautiful story! Your background paper is just wonderful!
  11. I really love how you've blended the pic into the biggest part of your LO but also included an unblended version at the top and a close-up on the right. So nicely done!
  12. Oh my goodness, Emily! I will miss your designs so much! I've stockpiled a lot (and I'm about to go grab some more!) -- but I just want to thank you for the years of talent you've given us all. It's hard to begrudge you the opportunity to spend time in your garden and with your grandkids, so with lots of love and hugs, I wish you all the best! Cindy Dake
  13. Hey, everyone... I'm looking for some great quotes from SG Club subscribers about WHAT YOU LOVE BEST about the SG Club! Post below -- your quote may end up being used in one of our sale newsletters! Thanks so much!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. alsoarty


      Scrap Girls brings out the Creativity in me.

      Need friends? Join Scrap Girls

      Learn, create, record with Scrap Girls


    3. Marie-Christine


      Happiness is ScrapGirls!

      I go to ScrapGirls for my Creativity!


    4. CindyLuWho


      Hey, ladies, just wanted to thank you all (CRS, Smiles, alsoarty, Marie-Christine, and Mikelle) for the great quotes for the SG Club last week. You're the best!

  14. I'm not usually a purple person (or lilac or lavender, etc.) but this is really lovely and I was drawn to in as I looked at the line-up of recent uploads. Great job with the use of the photos and the embs on that lovely paper!
  15. CindyLuWho

    Lei Swap

    Nice! Very lovely use of so many lovely elements!
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