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  1. You truly are so talented! And who cares if it took over a year - it would take me 10! And it wouldn't be this good lol. Love the tones of purple, the little fun embellishments... the Hibiscus is still the star of the show, but it jumps out even more the way you scrapped it.

  2. Love how you went with one element, the circles. It really suits your style and I love the natural colours with these beachy shots. Cant wait for winter beaches here now!!! Very clever take on the challenge, I really like it :-)

  3. I was looking at this and thinking "she clipped the paper to a silhouette?" and thinking how brilliant it was and then read the comments and saw that is exactly what you did - and it looks incredible! How very inspired and it gives jus the right amount of whimsy without overbearing the page - this is sooo cool!

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  4. Sue this looks so inspiring and creative! Love how you used the busy paper to achieve such a cohesive look with all your shapes, and how fascinating all those shapes are. This is really skilful and I love it!

  5. Look at you and Belle!!!! That was such a great day!! We were so excited and your photos capture that energy and delight perfectly... I LOVE the Aussie map placement, the touches of red, white and blue and the sparkle. This is so gorgeous and I too am impressed you are sharing your wonderful memories with us already!! Wish you were still here though :- xx ps I just spotted the lizard, that was another day lol, she has the same knack with animals she has with kids :-D

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