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  1. Love your card, photo and cucumber cluster. Will have to fix this for my son --- he used to come home from school and pull a cucumber out of the fridge and eat it - no peeling, no anything! This ought to go over big with him (and me.)
  2. BetC

    Baked Beans

    Looks good - can't beat molasses and brown sugar in beans. Will be a good one to try.
  3. What an elegant, flavorful peach recipe. Great card, too!
  4. This looks so good! Love your card with the bright splashes of color and the stars with the information. Very cool.
  5. Mmmm - love anything with apricots! This is one to try ... now, to find me some ducks!
  6. BetC

    Grilled Chicken

    You cannot beat grilled chicken and your sauce looks very good. Like the torn strip with your title and info.
  7. I adore okra, rolled in cornmeal and fried, but this looks like another way to prepare that looks really good! Love the photo of the okra harvest and the cut out title.
  8. Pretty card - like the green circles creating interest and texture. I have never heard of grilled romaine - this is definitely one to try (I assume you can't walk away while grilling the lettuce!)
  9. Potluck is the outdoor activity for this "Dinner on the Dock." BLT Macaroni Salad
  10. Potluck on the Dock for those in the cove. Good times! SilviaRomeo_MyCookbook, ABR_AtThisMoment, BDS_StrawberryMint, BDS_lemonsage, BMU_Coastal, BMU_HolidayLights, AFT_Jubilant, GBE_Oasis, MST_SSToolsStyles_Embed, PWR_SSEmb_RibbonJournals, SNU_SWT, VJS-MyAntiqueLife Details in EXIF
  11. BetC

    July Proj Life

    Super, super LO. Have so many friends and family around Charleston and the low country --- love seeing your pics!
  12. BetC

    Week 26

    Lovely photos and journaling. Great page.
  13. BetC

    Blue Jay

    Gorgeous LO! Great photo and your yellow and blue palette is so cheerful! Love it!
  14. Ohhh - very nice. I love the way you used the photo background. I love the complexity of your LO - each layer emphasizing the subject.
  15. Love this - the floral edge to the white grid paper is so pretty. Janelle is a beauty and her smile is lovely!
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