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  1. BetC

    Breakfast Egg Muffins

    You are correct - I forgot to add the sausage. I mix it in with the egg, cheese, etc, but it could easily be held out and put on top (maybe mushed down just a little.)
  2. This is wonderful. Love the background and the perfect quote.
  3. Never have seen anything like this --- but, why not noodles? Cinnamon, sugar and raisins --- got to be good!
  4. Oh, this looks good! Love your photo in the cluster. Great card.
  5. Love the stitched piggies. Recipe loos good - I like pour it in a dish and bake recipes!
  6. Woo-Hoo - this looks like it needs to be served at a party. Looks sooo good.
  7. This sounds wonderful - perfect for the rather too firm pears I usually have.
  8. Great card. Love the wooden spoon and towel. You had me at "peanut butter."
  9. Love that you added the yummy looking photos. Been looking for a different biscuit recipe for shortcakes. Great that they go from freezer to oven.
  10. Pretty card. Love the one serving recipe. Going to give this a try, for sure.
  11. Love your chicken! I gave it a rest on this month's card since I've used it so many times! Love your recipe, just my kind of breakfast.
  12. BetC

    Omlette Grilled Cheese

    This sounds great. Like your egg, pepper and salt cluster. Does look yummy!
  13. LOVE almond milk and blueberries -- and oatmeal! Like your blueberries scatter on the card and the pretty yellow and blue circle.
  14. This looks great. My grandson Reid is starting to cook and did something close to this for his dinner. He put some soy sauce on his - because in his world that's a given. I like your version since I'm not that big a fan of soy sauce. Love the egg spatula!
  15. BetC

    April 15

    Very cool! Love the triangle with all the neat embellishments. Cool paper edging.
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