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  1. Belle

    Swatch 2 no 1

    Oh yes, I keep saying, No more, but next thing, I've just got to have that one, and that one.... Love your pretty layout. The angel is so cute.
  2. Belle

    Swatch 4 no 1

    😂 This is so funny. I must ask my nephews this one. I love the background paper. Pretty colours.
  3. Belle

    Swatch 4 no 2

    Great photo and pretty embellishments. I love the colours.
  4. Belle

    Swatch 4 no 3

    I love the photo and the torn edger.
  5. Belle

    Swatch 5 no 1

    He is so sweet. I like the frame and paper. Pretty layout.
  6. Belle

    Swatch 5 no 2

    Lovely layout. I really like the cluster.
  7. Beautiful photos. I love the colours and swirl. I really like the font that you used.
  8. This is lovely. I have never tried water colours yet.
  9. EBA_Festivitea_Emb_Leaves; JZI_Angler_EMB-Leaf; JZI_Angler_EMB-Cattails; DDS_WWayOfLife_emb_wood3; DDS_WWayOfLife_emb_paperrolls2; cwx_Those_of_the_past_bl_pp6; SNU_BlossomHill_Emb-FlowerYell; BMU_CountryRed_WordArt_Fun; BMU_CountryRed_WordArt_All; SNU_JIF6bySyndee_9_Emb-Flower; BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Aged; SNU_Vroom_Clusters-2; LLO_StayNeutral_Paper_Dotted; di_PreciousMoments_LOL; OAWA-CatchingWaves-Transfers02; florju_TendreEte2_pp7; SNU Shadows;
  10. Beautiful photo and interesting journaling. Love your layout.
  11. Beautiful photos. I love the title font/word art. Lovely layout.
  12. A beautiful, colourful, happy layout. I love it.
  13. Belle


    I love the shapes. I like that you can get so many photos on a page and all are very clear. I would love to do a layout like this.
  14. Beautiful flowers. I love the frame and the paper. Pretty layout.
  15. I love the photos. The colours are so pretty.
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