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  1. CKI_FallMoments_JiffyPage5; Basuto village in the Colden Gate near Clarens in the Free State
  2. Such a beautiful memory page. I love the framing and the photo of the bird. Great journaling and beautiful, special layout.
  3. I really like the photos of the ball game. I love the masking of the paper and the awesome title work.
  4. Well, one person who is not going to battle to do 25 words, is Laura. I always enjoy your journaling. Lovely photos and template.
  5. I always love to see the changes that you make. This is so pretty.
  6. That is one loooong trip. Thank goodness for airplanes. I love the map in the background and the papers stacked behind the photos.
  7. So pretty. I love the Christmas trees and the angel. Great word art title.
  8. I was tempted to do the sweater but found it easier to do PJ's. I love the sweater and all the embellishments that you used. Lovely.
  9. I love the photos of the boys waiting patiently. 😄 Great word art and papers. Pretty clusters.
  10. Beautiful flowers. I love the shape and title work. The geo mask is so pretty.
  11. I love the photos in the circles. Great papers and word art. Pretty clusters.
  12. Great photos. I love all the word art and papers. Lovely template.
  13. Cute photo. I love the word art and scribbles. Lovely colours. I like the mix of papers, it really works.
  14. Awesome photos. I love the one of her playing with Santa's boots. So cute. Great blending and colours. Beautiful layout.
  15. Such a sweet photo. I love the bricks behind the photo. Beautiful clusters and colours. Great word art and title font.
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