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  1. My computer has broken down. Probably from all the layouts that I did in the last 2 months. I had to take it in today. That is why I was rushing to finish my bingo. The guy says he doesn't know if he can retrieve anything. I've got 2 months of SG stash that I will have to download again. 😪 Not to even mention the photos.

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    2. Belle


      I've got my computer back. I have found my Scrap Girls but I don't know how to get and icon on the desktop. I never had this problem before. When I downloaded SG it automatically put an icon on for me. I'll do some more tomorrow. 

    3. Tracy


      Wait! What?? There's an icon for SG we can have on our desktop? What exactly did you download?  So glad you got your computer back and sounds like most if not all was saved. YEAH!

    4. Belle


      I'm still trying to find the icon Tracy. It's getting late now, I'll carry on tomorrow.

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