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  1. I just managed to upload 1 layout when my laptop conked, again...

    Last time I lost a lot of stash. I was able to get it back from Angie. I was going to do backups today, but of course, I didn't. 🤔

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    2. mimes1


      Oh no! I hope everything is OK. Gotta have a love/hate relationship with this technology. Love it when it works, hate it when it doesn't!! 

    3. Belle


      The guy got it going again and I did my backups. He said I must bring it back today, but I think I will try to finish the month first. 

    4. englishrose


      Oh Belle! What a salutory lesson for all of us. I used to be so good at backups but have slipped the past few months (as I have with everything scrapping). I need to think very seriously about rectifying the situation quickly.

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