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  1. Here's one from me - Blueberry Crisp Warm Smoothie
  2. I admit I haven't made this yet, but it sounds delicious and I know I'd like it. I like that it's a smoothie, but warm for winter and cold months. For this recipe card I used: ABL Berry Patch Collection
  3. I love berries and baked apples so this sounds really good as does the balsamic glaze. Your card is so pretty and I like the warm colors you used.
  4. Sure glad I caught this great page before it got bumped from the MB. Your photos are awesome and I like seeing the laughing and fun everyone is having. Your arrangement is wonderful and I like the embellishments and title you used.
  5. What a beautiful card and your iris is lovely. I like the background you chose and the colors and font you used. I felt like I got a big hug right now when I saw this.
  6. This is so beautiful Jane and your photos are gorgeous and so peaceful. I really like your creative framing and masking and your brushwork is lovely. Your background and blending is really so pretty and you chose the perfect papers - so much to like about this page.
  7. MariJ

    Week 17

    What a great idea for Spring chores, a scavenger hunt designed by Mother Nature, I'll have to remember that idea. I like your photos and the way you filled the circles with them and pretty papers.
  8. Another wow from me, this is beautiful Barbara. I love the vibrant colors and pieces you used here, it's awesome.
  9. MariJ

    Swatch 5 no 1

    What a cutie and your photo is so sweet. I like your framing and background and your word art is perfect for this page.
  10. MariJ

    Swatch 5 no 2

    This is great and I like what you did here, it made me smile. You used this collection so well.
  11. This is so pretty and your photo are really beautiful. I like how your pages look together and the background you chose.
  12. How cool to have irises for your wedding flower, that's lovely. I really like your soft background and your masking shows off your photo so well.
  13. Your irises and photos are so pretty, I can imagine how much you miss them. I like how you arranged your photos and the fancy lace you added at the top. I enjoyed your journaling.
  14. This is so interesting Hilary and I enjoyed reading about how you like irises and your painting. I especially like seeing the painting and your photo and how you put your background together, it's lovely. I enjoyed your page.
  15. MariJ

    Swatch 4 no 3

    OOOohhhh, this is so pretty. I like your photo and the edge of your layout looks like waves. I like the surf bubbles you added and the little bits of red look really pretty.
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