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  1. Hi Marlene, I'm rushing so I have to be brief but I'm thinking on this. Your words made me shudder as right now I have tons of photos - my parents', grandparents', great-aunts', aunts' -- Mom alone has so many. I'm sure I'm forgetting people and then there's my own! You're right, so many interesting and cool photos, often without dates or identifying info. I've taken photos of a few to scrap and scanned some but it's daunting. And I often wonder who will want them later? You've got me thinking, I'll check back here with any thoughts and to see what others have to say.
  2. I thought of it right away because it's my birthstone and I have it! Amanda has mini collections for most, if not all birthstones, I have a few of them! 😊
  3. Thanks, Andrea, I'm thinking on this one... Another great collection is Amanda's - AFT Aquamarine I have it because it's March's and my birthstone color so I thought of it right away!
  4. Oh wow, nice surprise and congratulations to the other winners. Thank you!
  5. Wow, look at Alistair all grown up! Your photos are beautiful and I enjoyed reading about Alistair's love for reading. You used great embellishments for this page!
  6. Lucy looks gorgeous in amethyst! Your photo is so pretty and I like your fancy border and the fairy - so cool!
  7. So sweet to see Max and Lucy growing, they're both so beautiful and your photos are great. I can't believe how much Max looks like Lucy now. I enjoyed your journal and looking at those happy faces. Your background is really beautiful!
  8. MariJ

    He Would Call me Mom

    This is a special memorial page. I like how you used the photo in BW and the color you used around it is beautiful. The heart and stitching is lovely. I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  9. MariJ

    Late Peonies

    This is gorgeous and I love how you used the Tiffany paper with your own peonies. Your photo is lovely and I like the elegant lace matting it. Your blending is really awesome an I like your title font.
  10. Oooh, that's good to hear. I just got my notice that mine is ready at the library - not sure why I waited 5 days! 😱
  11. Oh wow - this is so cool and your photo is awesome! My cousins live in Boston and while I've driven past Fenway, I've never been inside or to a game. I like your background and how you masked the photo and your journaling is so interesting. Cool badge for the stadium, too!
  12. What a sweet photo of little Laura on Easter, it looks like she's searching for Easter eggs! I like how you framed her and the little bunny on top.
  13. That's such a pretty display and your photo is lovely. I like the pink background you chose and your jazzy embellishments look really good! I get a real "music" feel from your page.
  14. What a wonderful page to remember that fun time on the boat. Your photos are awesome and I really like how you placed them over the net so they look like frames. Your arrangement looks great and your embellishment are perfect for this layout. I enjoyed your journaling, it sounds like a lovely day.
  15. That looks like a pretty place to visit and photograph too. Your photos are really lovely, I like the blue sky and water and your stitched framing looks great. I like your blended background and your word art is perfect. The ferns add a really nice touch.
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