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  1. MariJ

    Take the Trail!

    Oh wow, now nice to have such a beautiful scene right behind your house. Your photo is lovely and I really like your creative framing and your background and embellishments are so pretty. Perfect quote, too.
  2. MariJ


    I love Shel Silverstein and this poem is perfect for your page! Your photos are adorable, what a cool one with the kids in the letters. I like your background and the zebra embellishments too!
  3. MariJ

    My July

    @barbaraj Oh, my how funny! I thought those jelly beans were little tomatoes - my neighbor had all different colors the other day, but actually no spotted ones. 🤪 Sure would be fun if jelly beans were healthy!
  4. Magical indeed. That's a great shot and fun and I really like your background and embellishments.
  5. MariJ

    One Word - Toys

    These are great photos and he sure does look busy. I like your colorful border and the way you arranged the photos.
  6. MariJ

    My July

    I really like how colorful your page is and the purple background lends itself to enhancing them even more. Those little eyes are gorgeous and those tomatoes are so pretty and lush. I tried matching your photos to the prompts and did ok except for the favorite junk food - nothing looks like junk food to me! 🤣 Don't you love Laura's templates? 😊
  7. Oh this is so sweet and so funny, it looks like little Lucy will be a very intense individual! Your photos are adorable and I like how you've set them up and sewed them onto your gorgeous background. Who knows what goes through little ones' minds; the other day my little neighbor's Nana scolded him and he wanted to show his displeasure but no one was paying attention. He suddenly says, "I'm starting to cry"... How do you not laugh???
  8. What a cute photo of Lucy at the beach, she looks like she is wondering what it's all about. I like your masking and framing and your cluster is adorable too.
  9. MariJ


    Such a cutie and growing so big! he always looks so happy. I really like how you added the bubbles coming from his shooter.
  10. OOoohhhhhh..... so pretty, Jane. Your photo is gorgeous and your background is totally incredible. I like your use of texture and color and the eyes at the bottom look great.
  11. It's great how you turned what could have been a trying photo shoot into a fun time and excellent shots! I like th way you arranged the photos down the page and the embellishments you used, this looks really great.
  12. I love the older photos you are scrapping and this one made me smile as I learned accordion for about a year before we got our piano. Your photo and framing and masking iw wonderful and your background as always is so masterfully and beautifully blended.
  13. Nikki is so sweet and so compassionate and kind to animals, that's lovely. I really enjoyed your journaling and your photos and Nikki are so beautiful.
  14. Oh wow Belle, this is so beautiful and so creative! You put this together so wonderfully - it looks like a professional advertisement. I keep seeing so many things you did to like!
  15. I enjoyed your journaling, so awesome he was able to put things together so well and the car looks great. I really like your framing and the pieces you added behind it. It looks like you are great at putting pieces together, too!
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