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  1. I missed this, that's hilarious! Thanks Amy! 🀣
  2. MariJ

    Beautiful Blooms

    Such cute photos and I love how Emma looks like she's swinging on the edge of the frame, so sweet!
  3. Your photos and Esti as a bride are so beautiful! I like the soft colors you used and the pink border looks so pretty. I also really like the button flowers at the bottom!
  4. Awwww.. Look at that little sweetie! Lukas and your photos are so adorable and I like how you framed and arranged the photos in the big "L"! The word are you used fits him so well!
  5. April gave you great advice and photos, thanks April, helped me too to see it! @April Showers I agree, I've gotten the warning when I know the photo/layout resolution is fine. I've always ignored it and never have had an issue with blurriness. In fact, a few times I knowingly uploaded a pic whose resolution was low and it was ok too as part of a collage. As long as it's not for a large product where it will be printed much bigger. I also make sure that nothing is close to the edge of my pages. Sometimes I've had to go back and add the same background behind the layout and make the layout a little smaller so the edge is bigger. I'm happy to see April leaves a ΒΌ", I'm wary and leave a Β½" which seems like too much. Good luck!
  6. MariJ

    Day 94 Moment

    I can't believe that you are up to date 94 - that's amazing and quite the accomplishment! I like your Rumi quote and how you framed the flowers in the "O". Cool story about the butterfly, It must have wanted to visit with you.
  7. Great photos Anne Marie and I like how you framed and matted them. You put this together so well and I like the backgrounds you chose too.
  8. I LOVE this - it's really pretty and your footprints in the sand along with Pirates are so touching. Your blending is beautiful and so is your framing and the rays you added.
  9. MariJ

    Sympathy Card

    Gosh, Amy this is so elegant and beautiful, I know it will be appreciated. I like that there's a bird on it, makes it ever more special and made by you.
  10. MariJ

    Retirement Card

    This is lovely and I like there there is a bird on the front! I also really like how warm your card feels, it's really pretty.
  11. MariJ


  12. MariJ


    Great photos and journaling and it looks like a great place to visit! I like your background and your title is so cool.
  13. MariJ

    May 25

    Wow, Barbara, this is so pretty and I thought like Jane, it would make a wonderful card. But a wall hanging will be lovely! I hope we get to see it in a layout. I like how you used the musical score as a background.
  14. MariJ

    Day 94

    This is adorable and so are Max and Lucy with their trains. Your photos are wonderful and I like how Scout watches over everything! You did such a great job placing the photos and your embellishments and border look great. Such a sweet layout.
  15. MariJ

    Day 93 Road

    Oh MANNNNnnnnnn is that one true. As they all over but this one really means a lot to me. I love your photo and treatments, it's gorgeous as is the way you put this together. Your blending and addition of texture is lovely and so well done.
  16. MariJ

    100 days 92

    Wonderful photo and cardinal, he looks like he's posting for you! I really like your musical background and masking and your title and embellishments look great.
  17. I saw this when I couldn't comment so came looking. Awesome quote and wonderful scrapping of it. I like the rays you used behind the sun and the face blended into it. Your background is great and I like the sayings you blended into the background. Another great one, Kelly!
  18. MariJ

    Graduation Time

    That is so true about time and good for Connor - sounds like he's an accomplished and fine young man. I enjoyed your journaling and your photo is great! Congratulations to Connor.
  19. MariJ


    Your photos are wonderful and your extraction is great. I like the background you used and how you blended in a musical score. This is really great - best to Connor!
  20. MariJ

    Day 93

    Boxes and little ones are always such fun and your photos and Lucy are adorable! I like the way you arranged them and the background and border is so soft and pretty. The rainbow and hearts are the perfect embellishments and I like the way you wove the ribbon around the arrow.
  21. Your colors are so bright and beautiful that your layout shone on the Message Board. Gorgeous photo and great quote. I like the texture you added here. You're getting to the end!
  22. I can't believe it's time for your son's wedding already! Congratulations to all and good luck with your day. My 'niece' is getting married on Sunday so it's kind of crazy here getting ready too, I'm still not packed. 😱 Have fun and wishing you all a happy day. 😊
  23. Good photo for this challenge and I can feel the anticipation for your candy. I like the background you chose and your framing and embellishments look great.
  24. Your photos are wonderful and I'd imagine your herb garden is delightful and smells Lucious. I like how you used this collection - I have it and really like it! Your blending is really cool.
  25. I fixed your link for you, Tracy! 😊 No need to post a photo, only the physical link. Did the directions make sense? It's easy once you figure it out.
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