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  1. April gave you great advice and photos, thanks April, helped me too to see it!  @April Showers

    I agree, I've gotten the warning when I know the photo/layout resolution is fine.  I've always ignored it and never have had an issue with blurriness.   In fact, a few times I knowingly uploaded a pic whose resolution was low and it was ok too as part of a collage.   As long as it's not for a large product where it will be printed much bigger.

    I also make sure that nothing is close to the edge of my pages.   Sometimes I've had to go back and add the same background behind the layout and make the layout a little smaller so the edge is bigger.   I'm happy to see April leaves a ¼", I'm wary and leave a ½" which seems like too much.

    Good luck!

  2. 22 hours ago, Celestine said:

    You all rock! I wish I'd had more time this spring to take in all the posted layouts and play along! Three more days until my son's wedding!

    I can't believe it's time for your son's wedding already!  Congratulations to all and good luck with your day.   My 'niece' is getting married on Sunday so it's kind of crazy here getting ready too, I'm still not packed.  😱   Have fun and wishing you all a happy day.   😊

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  3. 7 hours ago, Amy D said:

    I caved and bought laser prints from Staples - will post a hybrid project from the prints later this week ... I got Sublime & Yesterday's Child printed on regular copy paper.

    I can't wait to see what you create!    I don't like the expense, but I have to admit that when I do print laser from Staples, the results are so much nicer.   I just made tons of photo candy wrappers and shower table place cards and things for both a baby and a bridal shower - and the copies were really good.   It's a toss-up decision sometimes, but often it's needed if you want really good results or need them for other issues.   Good luck, Amy!

  4. On 5/15/2023 at 3:31 PM, SodScrap said:

    WHEW!  I am way behind in keeping up with your layouts this month!!  I left the office a little early and hope to get caught up.  It's been a crazy May here!

    It's growing time, right?   😀

  5. On 5/18/2023 at 9:17 AM, Ole_Cowgirl said:

    Wow, thanks for all the welcomes!   I must've read something wrong, meaning I wasn't aware that everything ya'll do is digital.  I was actually looking for people that use digital stamps for scrapbooking.  I hope it's still okay for me to stay.  As you can imagine, living on a farm (although it has many perks) can get quite lonely sometimes.  Our closest neighbor is 10 acres away.  Not complaining, don't get me wrong, we can't have our cake an eat it too as they say.  It's just nice to chat with other crafters. 

    No worries, we're a fun bunch and happy to have you here!   Hope you join in the chatter and in the process you might get interested in digital - it's fun and no mess!   There are other crafter here and iif you can take photos of your pages you can show us those too!

  6. Hi and welcome to ScrapGirls!   I have a friend who recently made a documentary on Barrel racing, he followed an old timer around and it was wonderful learning for me, I'd never heard of this sport!    We're a kind and fun group here, I'm glad you joined and hope to see some of your creations soon.

  7. 50 minutes ago, tsendi said:

    It is a sample in Trixie Scraps "Natural Beauty" kit. I don't know who created the page because I couldn't find it in the Gallery.

    I would PM Trixie Scraps and ask her or maybe look through her store and under templates?   That might work!

    Angie has these NATURE WALK masks, but they are not quite the same.

  8. 2 hours ago, ladyscrapalot said:

    Since I am unable to post in the gallery I'm going to try to post my day 79 here. If/when the gallery is fixed I'll repost there.

    Day 79 Nurses.png

    LOVE this one, too Kelly!    Your quote is so true and I like the soft colors ou used and the hears all around.    Great photo and treatment too, it looks awesome!

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