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  1. Well the Dr says I’m a tough old broad. A car rolled over my leg tonight. I was helping a neighbor move her car, we were pushing, suddenly it started moving, I tried to jump in and pull the handbrake, and I fell over, and it rolled right over me. I went to the ER, bruised, scraped, but miraculously no broken bones! I’m in a lot of pain, but ok. I’m just lucky it never rolled over my hips or torso. Just have a follow up and things to watch out for. But I didn’t die. Lol.

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    2. englishrose


      I keep thinking how very lucky you were not to have sustained even worse injuries. Some consolation I guess when you're feeling so sore and bruised. Sending you a gentle hug.

    3. scrapgran


      OMG Andrea! You are so lucky there was no more severe damage. Take care of yourself.

    4. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      Oh no! At least you didn't break anything but goodness me! You poor thing.

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