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  1. The thinner I get, the colder I feel. It’s 72 right now will go up to 92… I’m wearing socks but my feet are still icy cold. But as the saying goes, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I’m down 42lbs since my kidney removal 😁❤️🦵🏻 Now to fix my leg. MRI at 2pm today.

    1. Tracy


      I always have cold feet. The best socks I have found for me is Bombas wool blend ankle socks. I have other issues that calf and knee high dont fit comfortably. But Bombas are warm. Plus the wool keeps the sweaty feet smell away 🤪

    2. Jane in N.Z

      Jane in N.Z

      That is such a good weight loss, well done :) Yes cold feet are not nice, I knitted a pair of bed socks for when its really cold and they are just wonderful. Hope your MRI goes well and your leg is healing :)

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