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  1. Ain’t that the truth lol
  2. Both the blonds Dash and Roz, always have the worst chapped lips! Poor kids.
  3. My health took a downward turn… ugh. It’s been 8 weeks! I was making a salad yesterday and my feet felt sticky on the floor… I looked. Blood. My incision split open 1”- again. I want to feel good just one day. Just one day of energy will do.

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    2. alsoarty


      Thanks everyone. I was told today to lay flat for 2 days to see if it starts healing on it’s own… weird. I use gauze and a skin tight band around my stomach. No movement allowed. Sounds crazy right?

    3. GraceJ


      Andrea dear, so sorry to read this. Sending lots of good vibes and prayers. Take care

    4. CRS


      Good Luck staying flat and still! I would go bonkers!

  4. This is so cool! I love it!
  5. DRB_You're Perfect BMU_BoldBeautiful Aloha AFT_Discovery pjs_SSPTBlenders 1
  6. I'm ending this game today - with so few participating.
  7. CKH_SublimeCollection MissFish Template
  8. Everything about this layout I LOVE.
  9. I love that photo, and the orange against the gray and white stripe. Love it.
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