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  1. I had a similar problem but I use Photoshop CC. When I tried to type the font would change to Myriad Pro when I started to type. I found out it was a bug that Adobe had be working on on and eventually fixed with an update. I, also tried to search for Photoshop Elements but couldn’t find anything. I guess I would suggest trying what Marilyn suggested. You might have to try resetting your preference. Sorry not much help.
  2. Oh, Marilyn! I saw this in the thumbnail and had to get a closer look. This is stunning!! The softness of your BG with just a hint of the green vertical strips with the title work is a splendid touch! Your corner photo is perfectly placed with just the right amount of embellishments to complement the photo. AND can we say how absolutely adorable that face is? OMG, so precious!!!!!
  3. Thanks, Mikelle! I mainly used Brandy Murry's Silhouette Action And then played around with filters in PS until I found something I liked. For the glitter part I did that in the Procreate app on my iPad by doing an outline sketch of my selfie and bringing it into PS and then added a glitter style. For the background I just used papers and blend modes until I found something I liked. It's mostly just playing around until I hit a combination that I like.
  4. ADORBALE!!! She is rocking those shades, just like the rock star she is!
  5. She's adorable and I love how bright and cheerful your page turned out! Lovely page.
  6. ladyscrapalot


    I see why you like those flower stickers, they were made to go with your gorgeous wildflower photos. Just beautiful!
  7. This turned out so awesome, Belle! The photo effect is cool and the way you framed it is really intriguing.
  8. This is what I live for, I LOVE it!! It's amazing, so graphic with a touch of grunge!
  9. Your page is jo joyful and colorful! I love all the doodles you used. I used the same action but I think yours came out better.
  10. Brave girl! I love your little art girl she's adorable. Cute layout with all the fun the graphics!
  11. Besides using designers' doodles, I did one of my own. To make the outline in glitter, I did a sketch outline of my selfie in Procreate. I then brought it in to PS to add the glitter. For the silhouette, I applied a couple of filters. Supplies used: MPE_JournalArtsy_Paper_Purple, kimeric_ff_pp2 (6), ABR_AtThisMoment_Emb_Pencil, SDE_BrushSet_InkScribbles_Brush1, kimeric_hn_overlay (1), SNU_BS_AJ_Messy-Face, ASD_DoodlePattern_Vol1-2, BMU_SSActions_Silhouettes_PS, SNU_SSStyles_ShadowMe6301-Grey, AFT_SSStyles_VisionaryGlitters_6401
  12. I have to agree with everyone above!! I do so love your vacation book pages!
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