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  1. Mikelle, Veronica has a YouTube channel. I don’t know if the tutorials you are looking for are there but it might be worth a look.
  2. Now if Rusty just learned to use the toilet besides flushing it. LOL! Great job with the journaling and your photos are sweet! Love the curl on your sticker and your title is perfect.
  3. Penny sure looks happy! I like how you framed your special photo with all the bits of papers and such.
  4. Aww sweet puppy! I know what you mean about not going through the loss of another furbaby. We had to put our dog down and it was the hardest thing to go through. Thank you for sharing the story of you sweet Tootsie. Great photos.
  5. I love seeing your photos of the wild animals from Africa! This one is amazing! It would make a fabulous painting.
  6. What a sweet angel!! I'm sure you helped Piper heal too! I love your photo clusters and how you anchored them to your page.
  7. Haha! I love the sequence of photos and how you staggered them across your page! Chief is one happy dog! I like the stitched heart and all the other bits and pieces. Happy to hear Chief is doing better than expected!
  8. I've done many layouts of our dog, Cookie (rip). I wanted to share a story about a cat we had when I was growing up. I don't have a photo so I did an art journaling page, with some actual journaling! lol! Nacho
  9. ADE_MomentsofLife_paper16, AHA_joyeux_edges1, BMU_ColorPalettes01_EMB_DottedSwirl, BMU_SSStyles_Grungalicious, AFT_Blushed_Emb_Gem2; fonts used: Fat Cat, Ink Free, Cats and olive clipart found on internet.. I didn't have a photo but I wanted to share this funny story about our cat. Journaling reads: Back in the 70’s after our family returned from a trip to Mexico we got a cat which we named Nacho. One night I caught Nacho fishing out an olive from dad’s empty martini glass. Nacho acted like it was catnip. Batting it around and rolling all over it. After that whenever the olive jar was opened,
  10. Yep, you do love Cornhole! Great photo storytelling and your page looks very patriotic!
  11. Clever interpretaion of the challenge! Love all the stacks of papers and the grunginess of the recipe card. Pretty color combo too.
  12. So pretty! Love your photo and your lovely cluster.
  13. Very creative plate wall, so interesting to look at. Love how your did your journaling with the different fonts and the circles in the BG. Pretty cluster as well.
  14. Such a pretty page. I agree with Belle, love the edger. You have quite the teacup collection and you have showcased beautifully.
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