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  1. Thank you, Marilyn. I have all those. I just may make do with what I already have. I was just wondering if I had missed something.
  2. Thank you, Diane. I appreciate all the trouble you went through looking through her gallery. I'll check it out!
  3. Hey y’all! I’m looking for recommendations for products to use for Spain inspired layouts. And GO…..
  4. ladyscrapalot

    May 28

    I miss barefoot in the grass. It’s either to hot, the grass is usually too prickly because it’s dry or fire ants. 😬 But yours looks cushy soft. Pretty page.
  5. Very cool now then layout. Yes they are different but quite similar as well. Love all the little touches you used.
  6. WOW!!! I agree it’s stunningly cool!!
  7. ladyscrapalot

    Day 96

    Love it! So much fun energy!!
  8. ladyscrapalot

    May 27

    I’m going to miss your humor!
  9. I think your photos are very dramatic! The driftwood is real cool and interesting to look at.
  10. Pretty page for a beautiful bride. I like how you combined 2 of the foil overlays. I never thought of doing that.
  11. ladyscrapalot

    Day 95

    Looks like a lovely day for a ride in the park! Fabulous Lucy page!
  12. ladyscrapalot


    Love the watercolor flowers in the canning jar!
  13. Looks like a lovely campsite!
  14. Uhm yeah that would me a no for me! She is very brave and you got great photos of her reactions. I love how you used the photo of the ride as a divider and the up & down arrows.
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