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  1. Congratulations on the house move - glad you've settled in. Lucy's growing so fast! It's when littl'uns are sick you realise how small and vulnerable they really are. Good news that it's nothing serious.
  2. I still have all my wedding day greetings cards - I've never known what to do with them. I'm sure that among mine is a card like the bride and groom card at the top of your photo.
  3. englishrose


    You've scrapped this beautifully! Wisteria is one of my favourite plants.
  4. Trillium are beautiful plants - unfortunately they won't grow in my dry garden. You've scrapped this very prettily.
  5. Such a pretty collection of purple flowers. the touches of green set them off a treat.
  6. Very very pretty. Bella looks so cute - and those shoes!
  7. Congratulations Michael! A perfect purple page.
  8. How lovely to see crocus en masse. A lovely natural page ,givin the flowers the spotlight.
  9. No unfortunately - the garden belongs to my BFF.
  10. The main colour is lilac as far as I'm concerned! Uses: GWH_SummerGarden TFL
  11. What incredible scenery! Such interesting journaling.
  12. Love the lens flare effect you've created Jane. what a beautiful place.
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