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  1. Uses: BHS_luckyme LLA_WinterCabin
  2. Gorgeous work ladies - well deserved wins!
  3. Uses: CKH_BetweenTheCovers
  4. An interesting sounding book!
  5. Your journaling made me laugh! My DGS loves to take photos and to have his photo taken. Luckily he soon forgets about them and they get quietly deleted - except of course when he takes some good shots, like Lena has with your phone.
  6. Challenge #4 completed - I have left love on 14 LOs
  7. Uses: cap_timetogether tmd_dyod
  8. Wow this is fantastic - what a novel idea for a page.
  9. Thank you for asking the question Niki, I am a scrapper of many years but struggle with the use of alphas. I've used both of the 2 techniques above but would love to know if I'm missing a trick!
  10. That's got my mouth watering! I'm glad of the photo showing how your colleague tucked into it - I'm not sure I would have known how!
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