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  1. Uses: LLO_ToyTrains BMU_SweetSummer BMU_LetterboardChristmas
  2. So cute! I love the little sparrow looking on.
  3. Uses: ABR_MillThings ACU_Denim ACA_StoryLife_WordArt COL_Brush_JournalWords KSC_EverSoLovely LO is a scraplift
  4. Poor little mite! So glad she is over of it now.
  5. Incredible photos, beautifully scrapped!
  6. Jane your scrapbooking goes from strength to strength! Another stunning LO
  7. Uses: BMU_Countryside BMU_SSPaper_Edgers BMU_BookOfScraps SNU_SSPaper_Alphabetica FLO_JournalWithMe Font: Anisha
  8. Uses: BMU_BookofScraps JCO_Solstice ABR_BWY ABR_MillThings EMA_SSPaper_Memphis
  9. I've never heard of a get along shirt! Oh dear they look so sad - I hope they made up quickly.
  10. englishrose


    Thanks for the info on slug teeth - I now understand how they can chomp their way through my summmer bedding plants so quickly! Gorgeous page!
  11. Lovely photos and interesting journaling as ever Jane. the idea of glamping in the back garden sounds fun!
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