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  1. Love the OOB frame, the paint, and the black and white photo with the cool greens and blues of the layout. And, handprint doodles!
  2. Wow, nice job! Maybe you should write a tutorial on this - I'd love to create this effect. Love how you included a thumbnail of the original photo for comparison.
  3. Ha ha! I remember trying this once too when I was young. LOL. Cute layout, love the girl and flower doodles.
  4. Oh wow, this photo is amazing! Looks so relaxing. Love your doodles and the alpha you used - and the frog of course, I can't forget that awesome frog!
  5. Mikelle

    Bewitching Beauty

    LOL, love her pose and her costume! She has a dramatic flair! Pretty layout, love the lavender shades and painted texture. Doodles too, of course!
  6. She's such a pretty baby! And of course she looks cool with those sunglasses. I love your doodle leaves and flowers, like she's sitting in a garden.
  7. So cute! Your layout is incredible - and I love the tooth and kitty doodles hiding in the background.
  8. Mikelle


    Awwww, she looks so pretty, and ready for kindergarten! Love your doodles, and the ribbon looks almost like her dress/skirt.
  9. Awwww, what a cute photo! We have a black kitty too, looks just like this kitty. Perfect school doodles!
  10. Mikelle


    I like the stickers, too, and I love how you placed squamous of paper behind them - looks great! Pretty photos.
  11. Such an artistic layout, I love the photo treatments you've done. Great doodles, too, they imply a lot of movement.
  12. I may be delayed in posting my own layout, but I'm excited to create a doodle layout! BTW, my 16 year old's nickname has always been "Doodle Bug." Perfect! Anyway, I will eventually post my layout - I've just got a couple of things that need some attention first (one is work-related). I hope everyone is doing well - happy scrapping!
  13. My 16 year old draws, and she recently mentioned that she's been into creating word art lately. I've suggested to her a few times over the past years that she should consider digital scrapbook designing - she grins when I say she might make a little spending money. As digital scrappers, we often strive to make our layouts appear as "real" and natural as we can, incorporating textures, hand-drawn elements, etc. This week, let's create layouts that include at least 3 hand-drawn elements or doodles. When your layout is complete, upload it to the Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so we can all admire it! If you are participating in September's Challenge Chase, be sure to leave a link there, too. Here are some examples available in the SG Shop, to help motivate you! Pen and Ink Doodles (brushes) by Cherise Oleson Cats Rule Cartoon Cats by Adrienne Skelton Mixed Media Girls by 2Worlds Art (Jana Oliveira) Hello School Scribble and Doodles by Sekada Designs
  14. Hi Bonnie @DixieLee, I'm sorry that I didn't come back soon enough to see this. Not sure why that happened, but looks like April took care of it (and thank you, @Celestine). Most of us don't have the ability to move layouts from one place to another - takes an admin to do that. I found the layout I mentioned, of the bird that hit our window several years ago: Stunned Bird
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