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  1. Here is the original layout I recreated - this was the first time I had tried using Scrap Simple products. For the new layout I decided to go with an entire, dedicated Easter collection. Here is the redo: Easter Egg Scramble
  2. Hmmmm, I guess you can't put a link up top. The original layout is HERE
  3. I used OAWA A Sweet Eggscape Collection for the new version of the layout. The original layout is HERE
  4. You guys are doing great, I absolutely love seeing the changes between the old and new layouts. It's really interesting to see how everyone has improved and/or changed in their scrapping styles! And I'm off to try to get my own done, finally found a little time to sit and scrap.
  5. And you posted the original in 2007!!! This is beautiful, I love the stamped berries and leaves with the clusters overlaid, and the lifted frame. I also really like how you treated the journaling on this version.
  6. I like both layouts, but I agree, there are many things about this one I do like better. I like how you can see more of you (this is you, right?) in the photo, and the placement of the clusters is gorgeous. Love the little elf taking a photo, too.
  7. Such a cute photo! Not sure what this LO looked like before, but this one turned out great!
  8. Beautiful layout, love the sepia tone, and then your small beach-y clusters with the teal are perfect!
  9. Mikelle

    Primeval Forest

    Wow, gorgeous! I liked the old layout just fine, but this is beautiful!
  10. Oh yes, I really like the softer blue behind her photo, and the blending with the pops of color. Nice job!
  11. If you've been scrapping for a little while, you've most likely picked up a few skills along the way, and/or established a particular style that you like. If you're like me, you look back on your early layouts and cringe a little, knowing you could do those photos more justice if you scrapped them with the skills you have now. This week, you get a redo - go back to your earliest layouts, find one you'd like to re-scrap, then go for it! Once your layout is complete, post it in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout. If you
  12. What a beautiful layout. I love the black and white photo coupled with the poem, your cluster, and the colored triangles of solid paper over the flowered background. Really pretty!
  13. I love how you added to the bubbles in the photo - hard to tell which are embellishments! Love your clusters and color palette.
  14. Love your type path, and your blended red and blue background with the photo. Fun climbing photos, too!
  15. Gorgeous photos! I love the paper squares and rectangles and your clusters.
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