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  1. Type paths, yay!  Love the SS Club!  😄

    1. Susie Roberts

      Susie Roberts

      So glad you like it. I have always loved type paths!

  2. I love what you did with the photo, allowing the subtle light color of the flower to come through. The black and white looks nice against the leaf-green background paper, and I love your cluster!
  3. What a cool vacation that must have been! Love how you extracted the turtle and placed your daughter behind. Great blending and cluster.
  4. Beautiful photo, and I would never guess this LO was the product of a speed scrap. Pretty, whimsical background, and I love the meandering ribbon, just like the coastline!
  5. This turned out so well! Love the vintage look of your photo, and the color palette of your layout is gorgeous - deep red/brown and olive green.
  6. Oooo, I love your blended background I think it's perfect for this pretty sunset photo! Love your cluster, too.
  7. Pretty photo treatment, and I love the sparkly flower embellishments, along with the bead scatter.
  8. Hi Larisa, welcome to Scrap Girls!
  9. Great selective coloring, I just love photo treatments like this! Great photo, too! Love your paper layering and the clusters.
  10. The extraction did take a little while, but I learned how to smooth the edges after I extracted them - there were stray pixels all over the place!
  11. I love those cacti at the bottom of the page, and your layering behind the photos is superb, with the overlapping circles and papers.
  12. I agree, what a great photo! Love the layering on your layout, too, and the white space.
  13. What a sweet photo! Love the papers and color palette you chose behind the B&W photo, and love your clusters and title. I would not at all guess this was a speed scrap!
  14. This layout turned out perfectly, you wouldn't know it's a speed scrap! Awesome photo, too!
  15. Of course this turned out beautifully! Love the black and white photo, and how you created your title!
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