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  1. If you've been scrapping for a little while, you've most likely picked up a few skills along the way, and/or established a particular style that you like.  If you're like me, you look back on your early layouts and cringe a little, knowing you could do those photos more justice if you scrapped them with the skills you have now.

    This week, you get a redo - go back to your earliest layouts, find one you'd like to re-scrap, then go for it!  Once your layout is complete, post it in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout.  If you'd like, post a thumbnail of your earlier layout for comparison, and tell us what you changed, or what you've learned since you scrapped the first version, or if it's a layout you posted here at SG, put the link to your earlier version here in this thread along with the link to your new and improved version.  I'd love to see the difference between the old and new layouts!

  2. It’s July, can you believe it?  And so, so hot where I live.  We’ve been staying indoors mostly with the shades drawn to keep it cool inside, except for a round of golf here and there.  We also have entered fire season, and already the smoke is noticeable outside. I hope everyone in the States had a great 4th of July weekend!

    This week I’d like to see blending on your layouts, by using at least one mask, transfer/stamp, or brush. You can blend your background, or blend your photos into your background.  This is one of the reasons I love digital scrapping - unlimited possibilities when it comes to combinations of supplies and the variations in blending!   Don’t forget you can also play with opacity and blending modes, too, depending on the program you’re using.  

    When you’ve finished your masterpiece, post it in the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so that we can all enjoy it!

    Here's my layout: Watercolor Roses

  3. On 6/29/2021 at 6:12 AM, KarenDiamond said:

    Here is my layout. I am restricted in a lot of stuff online. Limited bandwidth. Gotta be wise in using it. Due to a lightening strike, I have no internet, lost all electronics that was plugged in, even router/telephoned (thankfully not my laptop) Phone Co to fix within 2 weeks since they have to rewire. Urgh!! Saying all of this to say, I had to use s stock photo (only up close pic) I could get my hands on as time is sensitive. Hope that's okay. 



    Karen, this is a gorgeous layout, and the photo is hilarious!

  4. Today’s challenge is a Close-Up Photo Challenge!  Often when taking a picture or just looking at something, we see only the big picture.  Today though, I challenge you to find the beauty in the details often overlooked.  Zoom-in, magnify, or walk on up and get a little closer to the subject.  


    • Simply create your layout using today’s challenge prompt and post it in the Sale-A-Bration gallery.
    • After you have completed this task please remember to update your post in the Game Tracker thread
    • In order to be eligible for Grand Prizes you must participate all games/challenges before the event closes at midnight EST 6/29
    • One lucky person will be chosen to win a $5 gift certificate.
  5. Hmmmm, @GraceJ, I think maybe #1 is a lie, that you only had one grandmother when you were born.  I myself can roll my tongue, so I think that one's true.  No clue about Beatles music, but I'll still guess the first one.

    1.  I love seafood - crabs, shrimp, fish, anything - yum!

    2.  I played piano in a bar several evenings a week when I was 16 years old.

    3.  I've run 3 full marathons.

  6. 8 hours ago, DixieLee said:

    As soon as I read this I started choking up because I remember exactly when I saw SG and it was a life line for me. We had been trying for months to get our adopted children home from Guatemala and for some unknown reason the American Embassy in Guatemala told us they thought we were committing fraud and refused to give us our visas- the story did have a happy ending, but through the long winter it was the Lord and SG that kept me from drowning in tears.

    The American Embassy did that?!  😮 So glad there was a happy ending. 

  7. 12 hours ago, angleigh said:

    Try March 2018   Digital-Scrapbook-Tutorial-How-To-Paint-Using-Custom-Photoshop-Brushes-and-the-Pattern-Stamp-Tool 

     In it she's taking a photo she took and adding filters to it, making it into a pattern.  Then uses a brush she paints with the pattern onto a template.   So it sounds like this might be the one your looking for

    Angie, yes, thank you!  Both of the videos I was looking for are right next to each other in my tutorials folder - I've looked and looked and couldn't get my eye to pick them out.  These are the exact tutorials, yay!

  8. Hi All -

    I'm looking for two specific tutorials that I'm pretty sure @VeronicaS included with one of the clubs a few years ago - the topics were painting with brushes, and (I think) how to use the clone stamp tool to upload a pattern into your color palette, so that you could use a brush to paint with the pattern... but I might be all mixed up!  I can't for the life of me find these tutorials.  I think there was also one on how to make papers with repeating patterns...anyone have any idea which club these came with, and what they were called?

  9. 16 hours ago, KTB said:

    My lil guy TJ is pretty precocious and gets into everything. 

    i just showed him once how to play in the Crazy Box I designed just for him!

    I love your photo and layout of TJ!  Our cat Delta tries to climb into the smallest boxes whenever a box is available.  So funny - they think you can't see them if they hide their heads in boxes.  🤣  And I echo Celestine - we're glad you're here, keep posting your layouts!

  10. I'm sitting at my computer right now with our loyal Chiweenie, Pumpkin, near me in her special char.  I'm her favorite person, although her "Mama," my 12 year old daughter, runs a close second.  This weekend, let's scrap a layout about a pet, past or present, but to add a twist and work on our journalling, tell us a story about your pet.  For example, I had a cat growing up that liked to flush the toilets when he wanted attention.  We lived in an old, turn-of-the-century house (20th century of course), and apparently we had leaky pipes, because one evening the cat was upstairs repeatedly flushing the toilet, and suddenly the ceiling fell into the living room below, right next to the recliner my father was sitting in watching TV.  Oops!  Old house, leaky pipes, and an ornery cat.

    If you aren't really a pet person (allergies or for whatever reason), then scrap a layout about an animal, and journal about when, where, and why you decided to photograph that animal.  Once you have completed your layout, upload it to the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it!

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