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  1. Hi guys, sorry I'm late today!  I tried to post late last night on my iPad, but it apparently didn't go through.  Here is today's task:

    20th January
    When did you last download, organise and backup your supplies? Take some time today to download any new purchases, organise your supplies and make sure your backups are running/up-to-date.

  2. 12 hours ago, Belle said:

    So I completely lost the plot. I did not read the instructions of the SPEED BUMP properly. I've already completed and posted my layout. I did not use 2 papers or adjust the photos in any way. Will it count or must I make the changes and repost?

    Hi Belle!  I would say ultimately the layout you already posted will count just fine - but we still have several tasks to go on it this week.  Just so you can have fun participating still, you could consider doing a second version of the layout you've already done, backtracking and following the tasks for this week, or you could find another layout to scrap lift and follow the tasks for this week with that new layout.  You don't have to, though.  We're just glad to have you here!

  3. On 1/16/2021 at 2:14 PM, Pab said:

    I am going to say I am in and really try. I have never done this before and I hope I can keep up. 

    Patsy, half the fun is trying to keep up, lol.  Jump in, welcome!

  4. Remember the days when we could easily meet together in a group? Dinner parties, family celebrations, girls' nights out - I know we miss those times.  Your challenge this week is to scrap a layout using a group photo/photos.  Once your layout is complete, upload it to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it.  If you're participating in January Challenge Chase, don't forget to post the link there, too!

  5. Here's my first layout:  Week 1

    I like to do PL from Sunday through Saturday, so for week 1 I included the first 9 days - the layout looks a bit stuffed! I also brushed out any journaling I thought wasn't fit for public consumption (has to do with politics and me weeding out my Facebook list).

    I kind of wish I could stick with just one kit/look for my PL layouts, but I find myself getting too bored doing that.  Every time I work on a PL layout, what keeps me motivated is wondering which collection I'll use once I have my photos laid out.  I print my PL layouts and put each year in one 8x8 photos album, but I suppose if I had a book printed it might be nice to have all of the pages using one coordinated kit.

  6. January 2nd task:  My scrapping goals for this year include keeping up with Project Life layouts, not falling way behind like I have the past two years (still not done with 2019, but I'll keep going).  I see a lot of people mentioned organizing scrapping supplies; I'm pretty happy with mine, although I do have to spend a few hours here and there putting new purchases in their categories.  I'll also just continue to participate in challenges as time permits.

     @MariJ, I also have found it challenging that the newer SG designers/collection pieces aren't named according to what they are (red paper, butterfly blue, etc), because that's how I used to search for specific things I wanted.  I'm trying to figure out how to handle the newer collections so that they show up in my searches - I've thought about tagging each thing in a new collection when I buy it, but I just don't have the time to do that.  So, I have to make an effort to go into the newer designers' folders on my computer and actually look for what I want.  Takes more time to search; not sure which would take more time.

  7. This took me a while to do today, even though I download my photos pretty regularly.  For some reason DH's iPhone was not cooperating today!  But, the task is done.  I needed to get the rest of the December photos off anyway, to finish Project Life for 2020.

  8. Exactly what you said Marilyn - I have a system for keeping track of thoughts and events so that I can journal more easily on my PL layouts.  I think April is really into bullet journaling, and knows a lot about it, but that's how I keep track of things.  At least, I call mine a bullet journal, but I pretty much only use it to jot down quick things to keep track of the days they occurred, and I paste a list of the PL photo prompts in it every month.  Photo below... I just started a new journal book, as my last one includes 3 years and is getting too fat to close!  Edited to add, as a family we use a shared Google Calendar to keep track of our appointments, who's doing what, etc.  It was a lot more full before COVID hit, but whenever I do a PL layout, I pull out my bullet journal and pull up Google Calendar on the computer, so I can cross-reference and try not to forget anything important in my journaling.


  9. @JenniferJ  Welcome to Scrap Girls!  For years I never attempted Project Life (PL) layouts, it just seemed so overwhelming to scrap my daily/weekly/monthly life.  But in 2018 I decided to try, because my family had some major changes coming up in the near future and I wanted to document them for my kids (two girls, they're 11 and 14 now).  I decided on weekly layouts, which wasn't the easiest to keep up with and I did get behind, but in the end I finished, and it was so worth it!  Some of my favorite layouts to see are my Project Life layouts.  That year, 2018, I also managed to (mostly) keep up with the daily photo prompts, which again was not the easiest to do but was super fun, and made for really interesting layouts (to me!)

    I agree with Laura, I think the key to PL layouts is journaling, and I tend to have quite a bit on my own layouts, but you don't have to do journaling.  I know some of the ladies who do PL have done art journaling layouts or just photos with small captions.  As Marilyn (MariJ) said, there are NO rules, you make these layouts exactly how you want them to be.  

    The others have already given you some great ideas, and Laura has links to a lot of good PL templates in the opening post, but I thought I'd leave this link too, to the layout template section of the SG store:  Layout Templates   I personally am a fan of doing double pages, and this year (2020) I had a very hard time whittling the number of photos down enough to fit my journaling, so I ended up some weeks doing two double layouts.  Yikes, and I've gotten behind, but I'm trying to catch up this weekend and finish 2020.  I'm looking forward to moving on with 2021 layouts and photos prompts!

    Anyway, again, welcome, and if you get behind on PL don't let it stop you, just keep plugging away at them!  😀  I'm constantly behind!

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