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  1. Letters to Santa!

    Have you ever written a letter to Santa, as a child or even as an adult?  For today's Newsletter Challenge, let's create a layout based on letters to Santa - a letter you wrote as a child, or a letter/letters that your children wrote, or even a new letter from you to Santa asking for your wishes this year...  (maybe ask for no more pandemic?!!!)  

    When your layout is complete, upload it to the Weekly Newsletter Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread to leave a link to your layout so that we can all admire it!  Remember to also leave a link to your layout in the December Challenges thread in the Home for the Holidays Event if you're participating in that (please come participate!)

  2. With Thanksgiving over now, here in the U.S. we have officially entered the holiday season.  I confess I started decorating two weekends ago - the Christmas trees and lights are already up in my house.  I’ve also already baked a few batches of holiday cookies.  Yum!  
    For our challenge this weekend, I thought I would give you a “recipe” for your layout.  I enjoy recipe layouts, I love to see how differently they all turn out despite following the same guidelines!  Here are your ingredients and directions:

    - Choose any number of photos from a holiday, any holiday you wish.

    - Apply a filter to at least one of the photos, or to more than one photo (black and white, sepia, soft color, an action or style filter, etc)

    -  Choose 3 or more papers.  One must be a patterned paper.

    -  Use a mask on your layout.  You can use the mask to blend your papers, or use it on a photo.

    -  Use 9 unique embellishments. You may duplicate them, if you want more than 9.

    -  Choose word art for your layout.  If you can’t find anything suitable, create your own with fonts and alphas.

    -  Place a few lines/sentences of journaling on your page.

    -  Make any adjustments you feel are necessary, and add a date. 

    Upload your layout to the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread and leave a link to your layout so we can all admire it!

  3. Hi Nancy, so glad you're here!  I enjoy counted cross stitch, too, but I'm not that good at it, lol.  I have attempted a few more difficult designs that take me forever.  I fell away from it the past several years... the one I'm supposedly working on now I started 5 years ago?  Yikes!  I've been thinking about trying to finish it finally.  Wonderful that you created your own designs.  

    Please join in the challenges, posting layouts, etc.  Excited to see your work!

  4. I would like to work on an Art Journal page this weekend.  For some of us, Art Journaling is not easy, but remember: YOU CAN DO NO WRONG.  Art Journaling is a way to describe how we feel about something or someone, without using photos.  With all of the upheaval 2020 has caused us all, I think it might be cathartic to put some of our emotions and experiences down on paper.  And, since Art Journaling isn't challenging enough (lol) I'd like your AJ page to reflect your 2020 experience in some way.  You might choose to focus on your emotions, a few specific experiences, or highlight some of the ways your life has changed during this year.  If this sounds overwhelming (because let's face it, 2020 has been extremely overwhelming) make your page a little lighter and try to focus on some of the positive things you've encountered this year... like... I've had more time to read, and everyone in our family has learned how to bake homemade bread!

    I will post some links to Art Journal pages that are in the gallery, as examples in case you're not sure what an AJ page is.  You don't have to imitate any of these pages, the links are just for ideas.  When your layout is done, post it in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery, then come back to this thread to leave a link to your layout.  If you are participating in November's Challenge Chase, don't forget to leave a link in that thread, as well!

    Here are some examples of AJ pages in the SG Gallery:

    Love My Family       Relax       Happy & Free      April Showers       Dreams      River

  5. 1 hour ago, GraceJ said:

    Cracked me up, I'm exactly in the same situation, love pizza but I hate gain weight, so salad it would be ok for me, lol.
    I love vanilla ice cream, and not chocolate ice creams, but in another hand, my weakness are chocolate cakes

    Exactly!  I still love pizza, but I hate how I feel afterward, and I'm trying so hard to not gain any more weight!  Wish I could eat whatever I want.  😄 🍫

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